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Holby City spoilers: Sacha’s high stakes surgery thrown into chaos by devastating news


THE day of Sacha Levy's ground-breaking bowel surgery has arrived in tonight's episode of Holby City.

But the operation suffers a devastating setback when Sacha's patient threatens to back out of the surgery.

Holby City fans will know that it’s been a tough few years for Sacha on the soap as he’s struggled with depression.

Sacha hit rock bottom when a favourite patient of his passed away on the operating table in 2018.

In the wake of the tragedy, Sacha came close to taking his own life as he staggered up to the roof and wobbled on the ledge.

Prior to his breakdown, fans had watched clues that Sacha was suffering from depression such as the moment he stopped styling his hair or wearing clean clothes.

And there was more heartbreak for Sacha last week as his great aunt Maria was struck down by a mystery illness.

In the wake of her death, Sacha has been grieving for his loss but is yet to show any signs of a depression relapse.

But Max is worried that Sacha won't be able to cope with the pressure of the transplant and has been expressing his concerns - but to no avail.

In scenes set to air tonight - on the day of the ground-breaking Bowel Transplant Operation - a shock revelation leaves Sacha shaken to the core.

In the upcoming scenes, Sacha is full of excitement as the surgery he’s been working on for ages is about to be tested on an actual patient.

An enthusiastic Sacha spurs on his team ahead of the operation, but he begins to panic when the patient threatens to back out of the surgery.

And just when things look like they couldn't get any worse, Max drops a devastating bombshell on Sacha that turns the whole operation on its head.

The devastating news also throws his future career into doubt.

Will a fragile Sacha cope with the shocking news?

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