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Hillary Clinton mocks Trump rally speech after the president called her ‘crooked and irredeemable’

HILLARY Clinton mocked Donald Trump's rally speech after the president called her "crooked and irredeemable."

Clinton unleashed on the president on Twitter, as she shared a tweet from the president of him speaking during a rally.

"If you vote for Biden, it means no kids in school, no graduations, no weddings, no Thanksgiving, no Christmas, and no Fourth of July together! Other than that, you'll have a wonderful life," Trump said in the clip from Goodyear, Arizona.

In her own tweet on Thursday, Clinton wrote: "Look around you, Donald."

Clinton has been critical of Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic and his presidency in general.

Her slam at the president came just the day after Trump unleashed on her during a rally in Bullhead City, Arizona.

Trump referenced Clinton beating independent candidate Evan McMullin in 2016.

Immediately after, crowds began chanting "Lock her up!"

"I didn't start it! I didn't start it!" Trump said.

"I’m an innocent bystander," he told his supporters.

"Everytime that starts – 'He started it. He started it.' So I always act extremely innocent."

"All I have to do is mention her name, crooked, disgraceful, deplorable, irredeemable…" Trump said of Clinton.

Trump then added that he doesn't want Clinton's speechwriter "whoever he or she is."

On Tuesday, Clinton confirmed she has been chosen as one of 538 "electors" in the upcoming election.

As an elector in New York – a blue state – this likely means she will cast a vote against Donald Trump in the presidential election.

"I'm an elector in New York," Clinton told SiriusXM's Signal Boost.

"I'm sure I'll get to vote for Joe (Biden) and (Kamala Harris) in New York. So, that's pretty exciting," Clinton added.

During the last presidential election in 2016, Clinton lost the race to Trump – despite winning the popular vote by nearly 3million.

Trump claimed 304 electoral votes, while Clinton swung 227.

Hillary Clinton says she feels ‘literally sick to my stomach’ at the thought of Donald Trump winning re-election

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