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Hilarious mum pranks her daughter by switching outfits in her sleep – and blames it on the Elf on the Shelf

A MUM hilariously pranked her daughter by switching her pyjamas during the night – and blamed it on Elf on the Shelf.

Louise Williams has been coming up with inventive ideas throughout December, to convince there-year-old Neeve the elves are real.

For her latest prank the stay-at-home mum waited until her youngest was asleep.

Neeve drifted off in her favourite mermaid nightie, and Louise carefully switched her pyjamas as she slept - putting her in an Elf-themed set instead.

Louise, a mum-of-three, tucked up the three naughty elves in the nightie, and laid it next to the bed for when Neeve woke up.

Sharing her prank on Facebook group Elf on the Shelf 2019, she said: “My little girl is going to be so confused in the morning.

“She picked her own nightie for bed tonight as it was her
favourite, but she will be waking up in her new elf on the shelf pyjamas.
Mischievous elves.”

Louise even videod Neeve’s reaction as she woke up, with the little girl looking down at her pjs in bewilderment.

Hundreds of people have praised Louise’s prank – adding their kids would wake up if they tried something similar.

Commenting online, one person said: “How did she not wake
up?? That's brilliant.”

Another said: “I’m doing this tonight. Thank you for the

A third wrote: “That's some mum skills lol mine would wake up.”

This mum added: “That's great. I'd love to see her face in
the morning.”

As well as switching her pjs, Louise also drew cat ears and
glasses on Neeve as she slept – and blamed the elves.

But it wasn’t all pranks, as the ‘elves’ also turned Neeve’s
pennies into chocolate coins and eggs into Kinder eggs.

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