A heroic wife revived her husband by performing CPR after he ‘died’ for almost an hour.

Sanita Lazdauska, 39, jumped into action after husband Juris Lazduaskis, 45, stopped breathing and turned blue.

Brave Sanita, a mum-of-two, dialled 999 but was told she would need to resuscitate him.

She was instructed to perform compressions to keep blood flowing through his body after his heart stopped.


She managed to keep going for 30 minutes before paramedics arrived. It was 50 minutes in total before Juris’ heart finally started beating again.

Factory worker Juris suffered a cardiac arrest and would not have survived had it not been for his wife’s impressive efforts.



A year on, the family from Cregduff, Ballinrobe, in Ireland, held a ‘rebirth’ party, inviting the paramedics and doctors who helped save him.

Sanita said: ‘He always talks about his first life and said this is his second life. It was very emotional to see them all, to sit down and have a chat.

‘They were delighted to see him doing so well because the majority of cases they attend the outcome is very different. So it was nice for the team to see someone they had saved.’

She added: ‘If there was no CPR, there would be no hope for him.’

Juris went into cardiac arrest at around 7am on March 4, 2019. Sanita, a cleaner, initially thought he was asleep and snoring – but realised the ‘strange noises’ were a sign of trouble.

She said: ‘I heard he was making a funny noise – something unusual.

‘I turned around and it sounded like he was snoring, but it wasn’t a normal snore. I thought that he was having a fit because he was curled up.

‘I tried to shake him and wake him up but he wouldn’t stop. His eyes were open, but I knew he couldn’t see me.

‘It lasted a minute and then he fell back, limp and blue, and stopped breathing. That’s when I knew, “we’re in trouble”.’

Juris was rushed to hospital and placed in a coma. He woke up a day later with no memory of his brush with death, feeling ‘confused and agitated’.

His wife said: ‘He kind of knew who he was, who I was and the kids, but not much else. It doesn’t happen like the movies where they wake up and everything’s happy.’

Juris has since returned to hospital twice more over suspected heart abnormalities. But with medical assistance he was back at work just 10 months after the heart attack.

Sanita remains humble about her efforts. She said: ‘There was not much time to think about me being a hero.

‘At the moment it’s just part of our life, it’s just one of the experiences. It’s a tough one, but you can’t choose.



‘He’s delighted to be here and he’s enjoying life, he is making the most of it.’

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