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‘Hero’ mum sick of seeing veg-packed lunchboxes reveals her ‘fussy’ son’s which is packed with beige grub


AFTER we've cooked dinner, done the washing up and put the kids to bed, the last thing we do before calling it a night is pack their lunchboxes for the following day.

In other words, we don't have the time, energy or patience to replicate those cartoon-themed Bento boxes full of individually prepped fruit and veg slices we're forever seeing on TikTok.

And it turns out, we're not alone in this - as one mum has been hailed a "hero" online after she shared a photo of her son's largely beige lunchbox.

Posting on the Facebook group Lunchbox Mums, the Australian parent wrote: "[I've seen] lots of fancy, colourful lunches that, although they look amazing, my fussy 6 year old wouldn’t touch even if I paid him."

In her fussy eater's lunchbox, the mum packed a cheese sandwich, some popcorn, a mini stack of pancakes, some pears and a handful of chopped grapes.

She continued: "I wanted to make a safe space for parents who are forever preparing, what I like to call, the beige special!"

The post has racked up over 3,000 'likes' in the group - and the photo resonated with countless other parents.

"This is my kinda lunchbox," one replied. "I have 4 kids so won’t be spending hours in the morning or night before making super fancy lunches, just a good variety of colourful foods will be awesome for them."

Another added: "The beige special is a daily in our house. Congrats on getting those grapes in there."

"Our son only has plain everything," a third said. "Tomato sauce is the only colour lol."

What the NHS recommends children have for lunch:

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