A six-year-old boy has returned to school for the first time in almost two years after undergoing life-saving cancer treatment.

Oscar Saxelby-Lee walked through the doors of Pitmaston Primary School in Worcester for the first time since December 2018.

The brave boy was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia - a rare and aggressive form of leukaemia - and had to be away from school as he received treatment.

Oscar underwent CAR-T therapy in Singapore with the help of £500,000 raised through crowdfunding.

Oscar Saxelby-Lee returns to Pitmaston Primary School, Worcester

The boy is now cancer-free and was able to go to school on Thursday to play with some friends.

His mum Olivia Saxelby, 26, said he was "buzzing" to be back at school - even if it was for just 30 minutes.

She said: "He was buzzing, he had a beaming smile on his face, it was just amazing… it is just amazing, just incredible."

Oscar Saxelby-Lee battled a particularly aggressive form of leukaemia

Olivia and Oscar's dad Jamie Lee, 28, described the boy's recovery and return to school as "the most amazing miracle".

The mum added: "Oscar is truly an inspiration, we didn't know if it was a day we'd ever see.

"He's been asking to go back to school for months and we can't actually believe it's happened."

Oscar went to school for 30 minutes on Thursday
At school, he was very happy to play with his friends
Oscar arriving at school with mum Olivia Saxelby and dad Jamie Lee

The mum, however, said: "Oscar wants to go in and see all of his friends, he wants to be in his class, but he can't, it is not that easy.

"We have to be really careful on how we transition him back and that means very steadily and also with a very small amount of people around him."

His headteacher Kate Wilcock added: "He was quite quiet to start with, and then he started chatting and leading the group, and you could see Ozzy was back and he was in the building."

Oscar had been undergoing treatment at Birmingham Children's Hospital for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia from December 2018.

Thousands of donors queued to see if they were a match

He had stem-cell treatment in the UK after thousands of people queued to see if they were a match.

However, tests showed the cancer was still present, according to BBC News.

It was then decided to take the boy abroad for treatment and the family managed to raise £500,000 within three weeks.

Oscar during his time having treatment in Singapore
Oscar Saxelby-Lee leaving Hospital in Singapore

In January, Oscar's parents were told he was cancer-free following the therapy, Mail Online reports.

After a second bone marrow transplant, Oscar was discharged from hospital in April.

He is now again under the care of Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Around 800 people in the UK are diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia each year, according to Cancer Research UK.