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Only 67p of herbs "will not pop out of your home throughout the summer"

Cleaning experts have revealed clever tips to keep nasty flies away from home while enjoying the summer breeze through the windows.

The helping hand comes from nature and has the scent from one simple houseplant, enough for a nasty neighbor to leave you alone.

Basil dislikes strong scents and repels flies, so placing a pot of basil on the windowsill reduces the chances of flies invading your home.Miller reports.

Mentha is also said to keep flies away. It can also be purchased in supermarkets for less than £ 2. You can get a pot of basil for just 67p with Aldi, but Tesco charges £ 1.30 for a medium-sized basil or mint pot.

Tap Warehousecleaning experts have shown how to prevent flies from staying around the kitchen this summer. Cleaning expert Polly Shearer said:

"There can be tens of thousands of flies flying around barbecues and kitchens this summer." Take precautions to prevent flies and insects from breeding in the kitchen this summer.

Here are some other tips on how to keep flies outside your home:

This 67p house plant could be the summer secret to keeping unwanted buzzing visitors away from your windows
This 67p house plant may be a summer secret to keep, keeping unwanted bustling visitors away from the window

1. Make your own natural fly deterrent spray

Flies dislike the smell of essential oils such as lemongrass, lavender and mint. You can create your own fly-suppressing spray, but just add a few drops of these oils to the water in your spray bottle and lavender is the best choice. The fresh smell of the room.

You can prevent flies from invading by simply spraying natural remedies around the kitchen all day long.

2. St Put the carbonated drink in the fridge and wipe off any spills immediately

Because the carbon dioxide in the carbonated drink attracts the fruit fries. Omitting these drinks can cause kitchen fruit fries to begin to gather around. Area, especially if spilled.

Be sure to wipe off any spills and clean the bottle to prevent fruit flies from being attracted. You can also store carbonated drinks in the refrigerator to keep fruit flies away.

3. Don't leave dirty dishes near the sink

Wash during busy summer months, especially during school holidays Dirty dishes can be difficult to find in time. However, keeping the dishes near the washbasin will attract flies.

It is advisable to wash the dishes as soon as possible in the summer to prevent flies from contaminating the dishes with bacteria and laying eggs.

4. Use apple cider vinegar to stop fruit flies

Summer fruit flies cause havoc in the kitchen and are often wanted Eat fruits touched by flies that may result in food waste for those who do not. If you have fruit flies in your kitchen, put half of the apple cider vinegar in a glass, cover it with plastic wrap, and make a small hole in the plastic wrap.

This allows fruit flies to be attracted into the glass and released outside the house. It is also important to keep the fruits in the refrigerator so that flies do not come back. Get a bottle of apple cider vinegar at Tesco for less than $ 5.

5. Keep the kitchen trash dry with baking soda

Everything you put in the trash can spoil, but this process gets warmer during the summer. Speed ​​up for the weather. It attracts flies, insects and maggots, so it is important to clean and empty the trash more often during the summer.

One great hack is to sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of the jar before putting it in a new trash bag. Baking soda needs to absorb odors and liquids that leak from the bag.

6. Keep the leftovers completely sealed in a storage bag or tub

Flies like to lay their eggs in hot places. Therefore, do not leave the cover removed when cooling the leftovers.

Instead, put the leftovers in a bag or tub that can be completely sealed to prevent the flies from touching the food.

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