Dame Helen Mirren has paid a somewhat backhanded compliment to Victoria Beckham while explaining how she learned to love her own smile.

The 76-year-old actress is regarded by many as an absolute pin up who is famous for her lasting good looks and graceful ageing process.

The artist formerly known as Posh Spice, however, is well known for having a stone faced expression that rarely cracks a smile.

While opening up about her own reluctance to embrace the humble smile, Dame Helen compared herself to 47-year-old Vicky saying her ‘smouldering’ pout can’t be duplicated as she’s always sucking her cheeks in.

Dame Helen Mirren has shared her views on smiles and pouts (


Vicky Beckham is famous for her smile-less pouting (



Dame Helen told the Daily Mail: “I don't do a Victoria Beckham — she's always got the smoulder on. I’m not so good at that anymore.”

She continued: “I always had fat cheeks — and I still do, so I was always sucking my cheeks in.

“But you can't suck your cheeks in and smile at the same time — it's absolutely impossible. So I guess I never smiled.”

Helen has reason to smile of late as she has been warmly received by Harry Potter fans after serving as a quizmaster in Hogwarts Tournament of Houses – a four part competition that sees fans of the wizarding franchise compete for a prize.

USA Today reports the star saying: "I’m always up for a bit of an adventure. Also, of course, it’s a wonderful subject and at a great moment, the 20th anniversary (of The Sorcerer’s Stone, the first Potter film).”

"And the very fact I was never in any Harry Potter movies – much to my chagrin, I might add.

“t was a great way to to be able to participate in the whole extraordinary phenomena that is Harry Potter."

Victoria, however, has no doubt been left with a scowl lately as the Beckham brand has been dragged into disrepute by her husband, David.

Fans have turned on the couple yet again after 46-year-old Dave kept accepting multi-million deals to endorse the controversial upcoming World Cup in Qatar.

Many have been left fuming that the sporting icon would take money from the country when it is guilt of many human rights violations and examples of inequality.

The decision of David to accept a reported £150 million fee to be the ambassador of the tournament has led some to brand his move “unforgivable”.

David Beckham has repulsed many after accepting money to be a world cup ambassador (



In a column for the Mirror, Polly Hudson writes: “Qatar has a shameful human rights record, and the country’s mistreatment of migrant workers – ie those making the World Cup possible – is incredibly distressing.

“Seems that when it comes to ethics, UNICEF ambassador Beckham is happy to bend them too.”

The latest scandal comes just a year after Victoria was shamed for accepting furlough money to pay her employees despite having a reported £335 million fortune – before being forced into a humiliating U-turn due to extreme public backlash.

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