Heavily pregnant Lydia Bright has had to move back in with her parents.

The former Towie star, 29, is due to give birth to her daughter, which she has nicknamed Dinky, in February.

But the reality star has moved back in with her mum and dad before the big day.

She's made the move back while her own home is being rennovated.

She has promised to create the "perfect family home" for herself and the new baby after a long wait for planning permission.

However Lydia has revealed work on her home won't be completed before her baby girl's due date, February 25 which means she's temporarily living with her parents again.

Lydia can't wait to meet baby girl 'Dinky'

During the latest episode of The Brights Podcast, Lydia said: "I can't believe I've only got 14 weeks until my baby is here.

"I'm hoping my house is semi-done so we can move back home and everything will be perfect for her.

"The finishing touches and things can happen when we're there. I just want to be in my house with my baby.

Lydia showed off her growing bump
She's gone from 9st to 11st during pregnancy

"I'm hoping she's going to be a bit late. They say the first baby comes late don't they?"

The former TOWIE bombshell is expecting her baby with ex partner Lee Cronin. The couple had planned to have the baby but unfortunately split shortly after Lydia got pregnant.

Lydia continued: "Really I'm due 25th Feb but if she could come mid-March, that gives me a bit more time. 

"I just need planning permission. I'm lucky I have Debbie and Dave's to stay at. I just want a roof over my and my baby's head."

The mum-to-be looks stunning

The concerned mum-to-be shared with her 1.1 million Instagram followers on Thursday that there's "still a long way to go" and her home won't be ready in time for the baby's arrival.

She wrote: "One month ago after waiting FOREVER for planning permission, project family home finally began.

"Still a long way to go and I don't think it will be completely ready by the time you arrive Dinky.

Lydia is expecting a baby girl in February

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"But I promise to make it the best home for us to build our life together".

On Wednesday, Lydia told her followers she had put on two stone during pregnancy.

The reality TV star posted an Instagram video telling fans she's gone from 9st to 11st as her body changes throughout her journey.