Britain's mini heatwave is set to peak on Good Friday with highs of 25C - but temperatures will then begin to cool off with rain over the weekend.

If forecasts are correct, locked down Brits could see the hottest April 10 on record, with temperatures set to beat holiday hot spot Ibiza.

The sunny highs will need to reach at least 23.3C - a record set in 1909 in Devon, with  Met Office  records dating back to 1841.

It will also be one of the hottest documented Good Fridays – close to the 26.9C record set in London when it fell later in the month on April 22, 2011.

Good Friday is set to break a 110-year heat record

Met Office forecaster Aidan McGivern, however, said there will be some rain in parts with "further showers into the weekend".

Easter Sunday, in particular, will see "more changeable weather " and will feel cooler than what we've become accustomed to in recent days.   

Mr McGivern said today there will be "plenty of warm sunshine by the afternoon but still some outbreaks of rain in the far north".

The heatwave will sharply drop off next week

Those downpours will be largely contained across the Outer Hebrides into the far north of the mainland of Scotland as well as the northern Isles overnight into Friday.

And there will likely be one or two mist and fog patches first thing before the mostly blue skies and bright sunshine takes over.

But the meteorologist said high cloud could turn some of the sunshine "hazy" while we "keep the thicker cloud and outbreaks of rain" in the far north.

Police forces have warned they may have to crack down over Easter on those flouting lockdown despite weather

It's the southern half of England, as well as the Midlands, which will see the best of the temperatures - with London, Birmingham, Swindon and Southampton all on to top 25.

"That could be enough to spark a sharp shower into Good Friday evening, perhaps continuing after dark," continued Mr McGivern.

"But for most, it's a dry evening and there'll be further showers into the weekend - especially on Sunday with that more changeable weather and also feeling cooler." 

Saturday is also expected to be a fine day, potentially peaking just below today in terms of temperatures.

But Sunday will drop into the teens and Monday will see most areas struggling to reach double figures, according to Met Office charts.

This is due to the hot air blowing in from the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa starting to pass beyond Britain next week.

The Met Office has again urged frustrated Brits to stay home amid fears of people meeting in parks and beaches and spreading  coronavirus  - on what is normally one of the biggest UK travel weekends of the year.