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Heartbroken dad visited by ‘five angels’ as his daughter, 15, died after allergic reaction to Pret baguette on BA flight

A HEARTBROKEN dad of a 12-year-old girl says he was visited by "five angels" as she died on a flight after eating a Pret a Manger baguette.

Natasha Ednan-Laperouse told her distraught father she "could not breathe" after eating the artichoke, olive and tapenade sandwich she had bought at Heathrow Airport.

Dad Nadim, a millionaire owner of Wow Toys from Fulham, tried to save the schoolgirl by giving her two doses of drugs and administering an EpiPen, but she died later in a hospital in France.

He has now revealed the devastating moment his daughter passed away in July 2016 from a severe allergic reaction - and said he would rather have "died himself".

The grieving dad told the BBC: "Just as it all looked terrible – I mean, it couldn’t get worse – I was looking at Natasha, as I had never taken my eyes off her, and these five angels just appeared.

“This yellow light appeared – strong, soft, yellow light – rather like a candlelight but it’s really intense, but not that your eyes would squint.

“And then with great detail these five figures, like thin people, like you and I just now in proportion, just appeared, with wings on their backs.”


Nadim was forced to call Natasha's mother and brother in the UK and put the phone to ear so they could "say goodbye", moments before she died.

The teen had complained "within three minutes" of an itchy throat on the BA flight to Nice and asked her friend if she had a "red throat".

Her condition began to deteriorate and she broke out in hives that looked like "jelly fish stings".

Stricken Natasha said "Daddy help me, I can't breathe" as a junior doctor rushed over and frantically began giving CPR but sadly she couldn't be saved.

Nadim said: "I had anger about my child dying. I was angry with God for some time afterwards because it was terrible, terrible.

“And I did rage, but then I calmed down and we started going to church actually – in fact, the church where Natasha was going to for about a year before she died.”

The teenager had fallen ill after suffering a severe allergic reaction to sesame seeds in the baguette, which were not listed on the packaging.

In the wake of her death, food retailers were forced to include a full list of ingredients on all products.

Family of girl who died after allergic reaction to Pret sandwich ‘proud’ as Natasha's Law comes into force today