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Heartbreaking moment NHS mortician breaks down as she says surge in Covid deaths feels like ‘conveyer belt’

THIS is the heartbreaking moment an NHS mortician breaks down after dealing with a surge in Covid deaths.

Senior mortician Hannah Leahy has likened the constant loss of life to a “conveyor belt” as doctors and nurses struggle to keep up with the rise in hospital admissions.

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In Royal London Hospital where 12 out of 15 floors are occupied by Covid patients, the deaths are taking a toll on its staff.

Speaking to the BBC Ms Leahy said :“How do you ever prepare for people just dying and dying and dying, you know?

“Although it's our job and we deal with dead people every day, this level, I think it's taken its toll.

“It does feel like a conveyor belt in a way.

“I hate to say that because I hate to think of it like that, but it is almost.”

At this point Ms Leahy and her colleague break down into tears over the seriousness of the situation.

She added: “I’ve done this for years and when someone says to you ‘how does it make you feel’ when youre saying how it makes you feel, well yeah this is how it makes me feel.”


London remains the coronavirus hotspot of Britain after a mutant strain took hold of the capital back in December.

Hospitals are still far busier than they have been at any point in the pandemic.

On Monday there were 7,917 COVID-19 patients in London hospitals compared to 7,799 patients on January 11.

Some 1,220 people are on ventilators in the capital - higher than the worst day in spring, when 1,057 were on ventilation on April 10.

Yesterday it was announced that 121 people had died in London hospitals following a positive test and 6,237 more people tested positive.

The total number of Covid cases in London is 591,214, while the total number of people who have died following a positive test is 10,927.

Yesterday the UK experienced its deadliest day during the pandemic - when a staggering 1,610 deaths were reported in 24 hours.

There were also 3,355 new coronavirus infections recorded.

But London may now be over its third wave peak as this week it was revealed Covid cases are falling in every London borough.

What are the infection rates in each London borough?

The list reads: Place, cases per 100,000 in the week to January 13, cases per 100,000 in the week to January 6, and the change.

  1. Barking and Dagenham: 1,096.30, 1,578.20, -30.53%
  2. Barnet: 744.9, 953.6, -21.89%
  3. Bexley: 748.3, 1,192.60, -37.25%
  4. Brent: 968.9, 1,081.10, -10.38%
  5. Bromley: 599.7, 956.9, -37.33%
  6. Camden: 479.6, 662.5, -27.61%
  7. Croydon: 879.7, 1,082.50, -18.73%
  8. Ealing: 949.7, 1,066.10, -10.92%
  9. Enfield: 804.1, 1,232.80, -34.77%
  10. Greenwich: 812, 1,080.80, -24.87%
  11. Hackney and City of London: 724.8, 903.2, -19.75%
  12. Hammersmith and Fulham: 609.8, 725.9, -15.99%
  13. Haringey: 774.3, 1,039.30, -25.50%
  14. Harrow: 758.5, 926.5, -18.13%
  15. Havering: 741.7, 1,214.80, -38.94%
  16. Hillingdon: 792.8, 993.6, -20.21%
  17. Hounslow: 928.8, 1,146.90, -19.02%
  18. Islington: 568.3, 810, -29.84%
  19. Kensington and Chelsea: 551.5, 644.3, -14.40%
  20. Kingston upon Thames: 486.7, 730.1, -33.34%
  21. Lambeth: 789.5 ,926.9, -14.82%
  22. Lewisham: 776.2, 1,030.60, -24.68%
  23. Merton: 738.8, 897.1, -17.65%
  24. Newham: 1,043.20, 1,416.70, -26.36%
  25. Redbridge: 879, 1,392.80, -36.89%
  26. Richmond upon Thames: 392.9, 548.9, -28.42%
  27. Southwark: 749.3, 1,009.90, -25.80%
  28. Sutton: 720.6, 973.1, -25.95%
  29. Tower Hamlets: 826.8, 1,174.20, -29.59%
  30. Waltham Forest: 832.9, 1,140.90, -27.00%
  31. Wandsworth: 594.5, 759.5, -21.72%
  32. Westminster: 489.8, 573.3, -14.56%

Infection rates have fallen across the 32 authorities by an average of 25 per cent in the past week.

Drops of almost 40 per cent have been recorded in some boroughs - Havering (39 per cent), Bromley (37 per cent) and Bexley (37 per cent).

The smallest reductions in cases were in Brent (10 per cent) and Ealing (11 per cent).

But nonetheless, all boroughs saw a decline in cases in the week to January 13, PA analysis of Public Health England data shows.

Only two authorities have recorded more than 1,000 new cases per 100,000 people in the past week.

They are Barking and Dagenham (1,096) and Newham (1,043) - which have the second and third highest rates in the whole of England.

Roughly 9,700 people are testing positive for Covid in the capital every day - down from 14,300 at the start of the month.

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