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Health Minister Sajid Javid opened his heartache with his brother's suicide

Health Minister Sajid Javid still wondered if he could "make a difference" before his brother committed suicide almost four years ago. Said that there is.

In a very personal interview, the Cabinet Minister revealed that his family was unaware of Tariq Javid's physical health problems.

A 51-year-old supermarket chain boss was found dead in a hotel room while a Tory minister was serving as interior minister.

Havid, who spoke of his brother's death, said he was wondering, "Maybe I could make a difference." "I never know the answer. I think. "

In July 2018, Javid's brother Tariq lived his life at a hotel in Horsham, West Sussex.

Minister of Health SajidJavid (



He left two suicide notes to his 15-year partner, Sylvia, including a suicide note saying that he should "continue to enjoy life."

In a visit to a suicide prevention charity, the Minister of Health said: 31}

He told The Sunday Times: For us, we could probably do something.

"So you think about it. Maybe I could make a difference, and I don't think I'll ever know the answer."

He Continued: "This was a very personal experience for me, but it's never unique.

" Sadly, thousands of people take their lives each year, and that The numbers continue to grow.

"Obviously, I want to know what we can do more to prevent it, and when it happened to support those left behind.

"Because of my own experience and Minister of Health, I feel in a privileged position to do more about this."

Javid Announced that the government will announce a new 10-year suicide prevention plan, including a surveillance program to monitor patterns that endanger people.

But activists warned that their mental health support is already severely underfunded.

If you are affected by any of the issues raised in this article, call Samaritan at 116 123 or please give me.

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