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'He has no plan': Biden mocks Trump's repeated promise of an infrastructure strategy

Joe Biden has launched a mocking attack on Donald Trump, saying the president repeatedly says he will reveal an infrastructure plan but never does.

Speaking in Minnesota, a state Democrats narrowly won in 2016 but which the president is hoping to flip, Mr Biden accused Mr Trump of looking down on working people and being perhaps the “most selfish” occupant of the Oval Office.

“He had a plan in ’17...then he had one in ’18. Then he had one in ’19. Then he has one for ’20,” said the former vice president. “Just like his nonexistent health care plan that's coming next week. He has no plan.”

Mr Trump has often vowed to launch major infrastructure plans but they never get off the ground.

Earlier this year, New York governor Andrew Cuomo, urged the president to launch a large scale plan as a means to kickstart the economy.

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“This is one of the things I want to talk to the president about,” Mr Cuomo said, before a meeting in the White House.

“You want to reopen the economy. Let's do something creative, let's do it fast, let's put Americans back to work.”

Mr Biden also attacked Mr Trump over his handling of the pandemic.

“How many empty chairs around those dinner tables because of his negligence and selfishness? I can’t think of any president who’s ever acted, in my view, so selfishly,” he said.

“I spent a lot of my life with guys like Donald Trump looking down on me—looking down on the people who make a living with their hands, people who take care of our kids, clean our streets.”

Less than 50 days before election day, an average of polls shows Mr Biden with a lead of up to 7 points nationwide.

Yet, the election will be fought and won in a handful of battleground states - places such as Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Arizona.

For a while it appeared Mr Trump was making headway in Minnesota which Democrats have not lost since 1972.

Yet an average of polls collated by RealClearPolitics puts the former vice president ahead of Mr Trump there by ten clear points.

“It's time to reward hard work in America—not wealth,” he also said in his remarks.

“We don't have to penalise wealth. But it’s the opposite now; we reward wealth and not work.”

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