Former Tottenham forward Dimitar Berbatov has been left "surprised" by Harry Kane's approach as he attempts to push through a move from Spurs to Manchester City.

Kane failed to turn up for pre-season training at the start of this week, and is not due back at the club until the weekend after extending his holiday in the USA without permission.

Berbatov himself forced an exit from Spurs as he eventually made a £30m move to Manchester United back in 2008 after two seasons at White Hart Lane.

And speaking to The Sun as a Betfair ambassador he said he could relate to what Kane is going through.

Harry Kane remains AWOL from Tottenham training (


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"I know exactly how Harry Kane is feeling," Berbatov said. "I know he will be going through a difficult and confusing time, with a million questions going around his head.

"He’s going to be mentally and physically exhausted after all of this. Now he will be asking so many questions, sabotaging himself. Am I, Mr Spurs, still doing the right thing by not going to training? Why am I doing this?

"What happens if it doesn’t work and I need to go back to my old team-mates? How am I going to look them in the eye? How will I look the fans in the eye? Will they forgive me? I am sure Kane is torn apart and I am sure he is going through a painful period.

"I was surprised — I don’t think it’s the right way. I never boycotted training, that’s the difference. I didn’t play two games. It was difficult for me to admit but I found the power to say, ‘If I play, my mind will not be there, so I will be in the way of my team-mates doing their job.

"I was at every training session but obviously my mind was also somewhere else, in places you don’t want to know. But training is easy. It’s behind closed doors, most team-mates will understand you, and it will be easy to let go of some stress with banter and jokes."

Berbatov added that he thinks it will fascinating to see what happens if Kane does not get his dream move and is forced to once again pull on the Spurs jersey for the new season.

He continued: “I hope Harry resumes training, then the difficult and interesting part comes — the games.

"If it’s going to happen, I think it will be the last day of the window. But I would love it to be resolved sooner, because I don’t want to see him boycotting games. Nobody wants to do that — especially Harry Kane.

"Mr Spurs, first name on the team sheet, for it to reach a time where he says he doesn’t want to play is going to be very sad. But is he going to be focused if he plays? I don’t think so.”