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Harlem liquor store attack – Shocking moment mom, 31, brutally mauled by gang who ‘tried to bite her eye out’

A MOTHER brutally attacked while trying to buy wine at a Harlem liquor store in New York called one of her assailants "an animal" after he tried to bite one of her eyes out.

"To bite me and do that," the mom, 31, told CBS just five days after her upper Manhattan attack caught on shocking surveillance video, "that's an animal. That's not a person."

With police still searching for the two men who attacked her outside of a liquor store in upper Manhattan on Monday, the mom, 31, anonymously detailed her ordeal in the hopes her two attackers were quickly detained.

The mom said she entered a Harlem liquor store just before 6 PM on Monday, looking to buy a bottle of wine after a long day of work.

The two men who would later attack her entered the shop, with one of them offering to pay for her wine.

"I politely declined, and I said no thank you, but thank you, I can pay for it myself," the woman explained.

"And I got ready to walk out," the mom continued. "Before I walk out he basically said that he felt like I thought I was better than them."

The mom said she tried ignoring them, walking towards her home when the men continued shouting and following her while asking what she was going to do.

"I just asked him, I said, 'you're seriously trying to fight me? I’m trying to go about my business,'" the mom said.

Suddenly, the men chased her across the street and began kicking her as she lay on the ground. One man then bit her forehead and left a nasty mark in an attempt to bite her eye out.

“To bite me, and do that," she began, "maul me the way that he did – with me screaming, and saying I’m just trying to get my daughter."

"That’s an animal. That’s not a person," she said.

During the attack, her phone fell out of her pocket, and when she went to retrieve it, one of them "pried the phone out my hand, and he said give me your phone b****."

As witnesses came to her aid and called 911, someone told her to run as one of the men had already done this to another person and was likely to return.

The mom was taken to a nearby hospital in stable condition. She still cannot open one eye, and urged the suspects get quickly caught to avoid her ordeal from happening to another person.

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