Would-be thieves were forced to flee empty-handed after repeatedly ramming a stolen car into an ATM in a bid to steal cash.

And despite trying to get a few thousand bucks from the hole in the wall, the hapless pair instead caused £52,000 worth of damage to the machine.

Surveillance camera footage at a Melbourne shopping centre shows the pair reversing a white Nissan SUV through the display window on early Tuesday morning.

One hooded man gets off the car and instructs his accomplice to reverse right into the cash machine.

The vehicle knocks off the metal casing after several attempts - but the machine does not budge.

Two brazen thieves tried to crack open an ATM by hitting it with a SUV

Next they try attach a yellow chain to the base of the ATM in a desperate bid to rip it out - but that fails too.

In fact the pair couldn't get a single dollar out but left empty-handed and drove away in Cranbourne East.

Police reviewed the footage and found an abandoned the car in a dead-end street just minutes drive away from the shopping centre, reported 7 News .

The pair left the damaged ATM and fled the scene with nothing

Police also recovered a stolen number plate nearby.

Officers said the two men left an estimated damage bill of AUD$100,000 (£52,372).

The driver rammed the SUV into the cash machine in a bid to steal the money

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The first suspect, who was seen wearing a black jacket, black pants and black shoes with a black mask, is believed to be in his late teens to mid 20s.

The second man in a black and grey hooded jumper, dark pants and coloured sneakers, is believed to be Caucasian in his late teens to mid 20s.