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Hackers using NEW technique to put malware on your PC – here’s how to stay safe

SECURITY experts are warning about a new technique hackers are using to try and spread malware onto your PC.

Hacking groups are said to be using the simple but effective trick to steal information for governments.

According to researchers at Proofpoint, cyber criminals have been using the technique to gain information for Russian, Chinese and Indian interests.

The technique is called 'rich text format (RTF) template injections'.

RTF text file attachments can be inserted into phishing emails and a scammer will encourage you to click on one.

RTFs aren't new themselves but hackers are said to have found an easier way to manipulate them and deploy them in emails so they go unnoticed by antivirus software.

A lot of companies don't block RTF files by default because they're mostly used in non malicious ways.

If you click on one of the malicious files you may be taken to a decoy document while malware is installed on your PC and information could be stolen.

The Proofpoint report concluded: "Ultimately this is a technique poised for wider adoption in the threat landscape beyond targeted phishing attacks with likely adopters being crimeware actors."

A victim would still have to be tricked into triggering the malware so there are some things you can do to avoid the scam.

How to avoid malware in phishing emails

The best thing you can do is never click a link or download an attachment from a suspicious email.

Read emails carefully and try and verify that they're from the sender they're claiming to be before taking any further action.

A lot of phishing emails include an attempt to make the victim panic.

Scammers use this technique to try and make you give away your details or click links quickly before you've had time to think.

If you receive a suspicious email at work you should notify your company.

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