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Guide for women to propose on February 29

WITH February 29 just two days away, some women in Bradford might be looking to follow the leap year tradition of proposing.

In a bid to see how popular the idea of females proposing to their male suitors has become in modern Britain, spoke to more than 10,000 respondents to uncover any noteworthy trends and patterns relating to the wedding industry.

Despite only five per cent of females who got engaged in 2010 being the partner who proposed marriage, by 2019 this had risen to 16 per cent, indicating that 2020 could mark the biggest leap year for female proposals yet.

When unmarried heterosexual women in relationships who were not opposed to the idea of proposing were asked to state when they’d be the happiest to pop the question, the top five dates emerged as the most favourable:

• February 29th (Leap Year) – 52%

• Valentine’s Day – 25%

• Anniversary – 14%

• Father’s Day – 7%

• Christmas Day – 4%

Meanwhile, here is a proposal guide for women looking to pop the question from expert Keith Rollison: - Be practical and realistic about it. Unless you are sure, wait!

• You’ll know how he feels about marriage and commitment by paying attention. There are references everywhere and it doesn’t take much work to bring the subject up and test the water. If he flatly refuses to discuss it, then marriage might not be on the top of his agenda.

• Ask yourself if the proposal is really what you want and knowing him as well as you do, is it really what he would want? If you get a nice, warm positive feeling that’s great. If however, there is any genuine doubt then don’t do it.

• Remember, this is you taking the initiative, not him. Your dream might involve romantic music, flowers, candles and the Eiffel tower, but it’s not about you. You need to make him as relaxed as possible. Food is important in most successful campaigns. Cook him his favourite meal or order his favourite takeaway.

• Do things that will make him feel relaxed and special, imagine it’s his birthday. Put his favourite music on, run him a bath and stock up on his favourite treats and sweets.

• If he drinks, get a wine cooler full of ice and fill it with his favourite tipple. Remember, just because you would like a chilled bottle of Champagne it doesn’t mean he does if he loves Guinness then put a few cans in.

• Remind him that you are not rushing him into anything. The average engagement time is around a year and a half. Point out that engagement is a commitment in itself and that the wedding can wait. That takes the pressure off any financial concerns regarding marriage.