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The sadness of the dead policeman's mother claims he died after being beaten by a policeman while training a "mob".

His mother claims that a police officer was beaten to death by a fellow officer during a simulated attack on a mob during training.

Houston Tipping, 32, died on May 26, three days after an off-duty accident at the Elysian Park Academy in Los Angeles, California.

Houston is training. The scenario involved a fight with another police officer,Los Angeles Police Departmentsaid after his death.

Police said, "A policeman's tip fell to the floor and suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury."

Houston's mother, Shirley Huffman, has filed a billing notice to the city.

She alleged tort and civil rights infringement, reported by theLos Angeles Times.

Houston Tipping was a bike instructor in a scenario involving a fight with another officer (


Facebook / LAPD)

She said her son was "struck repeatedly in the head so hard that he bleeds." He took breaks many times. Allegedly caused his death on his neck

Other officers were previously injured during this particular exercise.

Spokesman Captain Kelly Munis told the paper that the department is investigating the case internally to see if there are any changes that need to be made.

In a statement, LAPD Chief Michel Moore said: "To see if we can take additional steps to avoid such a tragedy in the future, the ministry is fully investigating the accident ... mourning this tragic loss.

"I'm proud of my officer tipping training classmates who immediately took action, started CPR and other life-saving measures, and started work in the Los Angelesfirefightingdepartment.

"I also thank Dr. Kenji Inaba and the wonderful medical staff at the USC Medical Center in Los Angeles County for doing everything possible to save him."

Houston has been in this department for five years. He worked as a patrol officer in the San Fernando Valley.

His funeral was June 22nd.

His father said in honor of his son: "My son Houston was naturally kind.

" He really cared for people. He He had the best personality to be a LAPD police officer. "

The family foundedGoFundMeto help his girlfriend Britney after his death. ..

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