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Grey’s Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo is ‘fighting for show’ as she finally addresses rumours season 17 will be the last

GREY'S Anatomy's Ellen Pompeo has admitted that she's "fighting for the show" after finally addressing the rumours that season 17 will be the last to hit our screens.

The actress - who has played Meredith Grey for the last 15 years on the ABC medical drama series AND also helped behind the scenes - opened up about what she thinks the future has in store for the show.

The 50-year-old revealed in a recent interview with Variety that nobody knows if a season will follow after number 17.

She said: "I'm constantly fighting for the show as a whole to be as good as it can be. As a producer, I feel like I have permission to be able to do that.

"I mean, this is the last year of my contract right now. I don't know that this is the last year? But it could very well could be..."

The star is extremely excited for the new series to start on November 12 next month and believes it will be one of the ones yet.

She added: "I don't take the decision lightly. We employ a lot of people, and we have a huge platform. And I'm very grateful for it.

"You know, I'm just weighing out creatively what can we do. I'm really, really, really excited about this season.

"It's probably going to be one of our best seasons ever. And I know that sounds nuts to say, but it's really true."

The news comes just a month after Ellen shared a first look picture from the upcoming series whilst the cast delve into a Covid-19 storyline.

She took to Instagram to share a picture from the set with co-star Richard Flood, who plays Cormac Hayes.

The pair were seen in their medical scrubs and both wore face masks as they posed together for the selfie.

Ellen captioned it: "First time back in my scrubs. Since we shut down filming 7000 healthcare workers have died from Covid.

"I dedicate my season 17 to all who have fallen and to everyone of you who by the grace of God is still standing.

"This season is for you with humility and a bit of humor to get us through and endless amounts of gratitude. I hope we do you proud."

Last month it was also revealed that revealed deleted scenes from season 16 episodes would feature in the new series.

The last season was cut short by the coronavirus pandemic earlier this year, and it was then revealed that season 17 would begin with a time jump.

But showrunner Krista Vernoff has confirmed that they will be using the footage and not let it go to waste.

She told TVLine: "In even the best of times, a television writer’s primary job is to know how to pivot.

"We are not working to protect stories we had [planned] for the end of Season 16. That said, you will get to see some of the immediate moments from where we left off."

She added: "There was great material that we had already shot but did not get a chance to air [so] we found a way to build it into our premiere."

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