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Grey’s Anatomy fans shocked when Teddy’s caught cheating on Owen with Tom – and the hospital hears the hookup

GREY'S Anatomy fans were shocked when Owen Hunt found out that Teddy Altman was cheating on him on their wedding with his nemesis, Tom Korasick.

The worst part was that he did so when she left him a voicemail and he first listened to it on speakerphone with an OR full of doctors.

Fans have been slamming Teddy ever since she first cheated on Owen with her ex-boyfriend, Tom - especially after she had pined for him for years and they had had a baby together.

But fans' opinions of Teddy hit an all-time low when she cheated on him once more just hours before their wedding.

What they didn't expect was for him to find out after she accidentally dialed his number as she was hooking up with Tom in his office and left him a voicemail with all the juicy details.

Owen first listened to it while he was operating on another patient with Maggie Pierce - who already knew of Teddy's affair - and Levi Schmitt.

The veteran doctor tried to brush it off as a gift from his wife-to-be but knew that she was cheating on him.

Sadly, he went back and listened to it and recognized Tom's voice in the background.

Grey's Anatomy fans quickly flooded social media and they weren't kind to Teddy or even Owen himself.

Some fans called out Teddy for being "trash" as she cheated on him on their wedding day and after she had chased him for years, even when he was married to other women.

One fan applauded the script and said: "Teddy butt dialed Owen! Now THAT is a Grey's Anatomy move. Welp she deserves to be exposed for who she really is."

And another fan played it off and said: "This is why millennials don't leave voicemails..."

Others were a little harsher on Owen as he has also been known to cheat on his previous partners - he even cheated on his last wife with Teddy herself.

One brought up Owen's first wife, Cristina Yang, and claimed she would be ecstatic if she knew Owen had been cheated on as he was less than a great husband to her when they got married.

Another one said: "Owen and Teddy both trash if we being honest here. I said what I said..."

And another one was a little more explicit and said: "You want me to feel sorry for Owen Hunt? The same man who cheated on Cristina Yang? The same man who slept with Teddy and went back to Amelia before changing his mind again?"

Fans had huge expectations for this season's finale, especially after it had been cut short due to the coronavirus.

Producers halted filming during the early stages of the pandemic and were forced to put out 21 episodes this season, instead of the typical 23.

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