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Green with envy or mellow in yellow? We reveal what your wardrobe says about you

IS lockdown turning you green with envy or are you mellow yellow?

However you are feeling, your wardrobe says it all – even if dress-up days are few and far between.

What you choose to wear when you do venture outside or on video calls can reveal a lot about your mood.

And celebs including Myleene Klass and Kelly Brook have been sporting all the colours of the rainbow during lockdown.

Colour expert Jules Standish says: “Wearing colour can have a powerful impact on your wellbeing and can influence your moods positively.”

Here, Amy Reading and Clemmie Fieldsend look at hue is wearing what and Jules reveals what your choice says about you.


Keep calm and carry on like Myleene Klass, 42, and Fearne Cotton, 38, in cooling blue. This colour makes you feel like you are in control, so it is particularly helpful in this time of anxiety and fear.

Blue is the communicator and has an important place in homes, where family members are together for long periods of time. This is a great choice for online business meetings. Warning: Dodge dark blue if you are feeling down.


Boss it like superstar Adele, 32, and TV host Maya Jama, 25, in black. This protective colour is important if you want to take charge, feel the need to keep your emotions hidden or to get your opinions taken seriously by others.

It can be helpful in providing a barrier between your feelings and what is happening elsewhere, with the pandemic and the outside world. However, avoid too much black if you are feeling very low in mood.


Stay fired-up like Kelly Brook, 40, and Gemma Collins, 39, in red. The hottest end of the spectrum is stimulating and active. Red provides the necessary energy to get motivated, start a new exercise routine or embark on a hobby.

Perfect for an online interview to show you are driven, and for a first online date. It is passionate and stands out in a crowd. If you are feeling particularly agitated or angry, it is best avoided.


Boost your mood in yellow like Leigh-Anne Pinnock, 28, and Holly Willoughby, 39. The sunshine colour is so wonderfully uplifting in times of fear and negativity.

Great to wear online if you need to do some creative brainstorming at work, or if you are having a meet with children or friends. It will project a joyful, positive image. But a little can go a long way, so take care if feeling mentally frazzled.


Find reassurance in white like Olivia Attwood, 29, and Geri Horner, 47. Wearing white clothes in times of crisis can help you listen to other people’s opinions with an open mind, providing clarity when needed.

White creates space to fulfil your need of inner reflection, to make clear decisions for your future and to allow time for new ideas to appear. However, avoid too much of it if you are feeling extremely isolated or alone.


Show off your fun side in like Lottie Moss, 22, and Nicole Scherzinger, 41. Pink is a nurturing, feminine colour and shows you are compassionate, fun-loving, and romantic.

So it’s a great colour choice for everyone – young and old, male or female – at the moment when kindness to others has become so vitally important. Wear pink for Zoom calls or outdoor meets with friends and family to spread the love. But avoid if you are feeling vulnerable.


Look forward to change in emerald nd mint hues like Kourtney Kardashian, 41, and Rita Ora, 29. The colour of nature is harmonising and represents new beginnings and the promise of change ahead.

Green is a good choice for all online events and meetings as it highlights someone who is friendly, humanitarian and can look at all sides of a problem and make clear decisions. However, beware of wearing too much green if you are feeling insecure.

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