The count in the Greater Manchester mayoral and Salford city mayor elections will take place on Saturday.

The Greater Manchester election, which took place on Thursday, had originally been scheduled to take place last May - but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Nine candidates appeared on the ballot paper this year including Nick Buckley (Reform UK), Andy Burnham (Labour), Laura Evans (Conservative), Marcus Farmer (Independent), Melanie Horrocks (Green), Simon Lepori (Liberal Democrat), Alec Marvel (Independent), Stephen Morris (English Democrat) and David Sutcliffe (Independent).

Counting of the ballot papers will get underway on Saturday morning with the result expected mid-afternoon.

It is the second time Greater Manchester has elected a mayor - with Andy Burnham being elected four years ago.

Ballots will also be counted for the Salford city mayor election on Saturday.

Candidates were Paul Dennett - Labour, Arnold Saunders (Conservative), Jake Overend (Liberal Democrats), Wendy Olsden (Green Party), Stephen Stuart Ord (Independent) and Stuart Cremins (Independent).

Paul Dennett was elected as mayor in 2016.

Results are also expected at mid-afternoon.

You can follow the latest updates from the counts below.

What time is the Greater Manchester Mayor election result expected?

The count is getting underway this morning to determine who will be the next Greater Manchester mayor.

We're hoping the results will be in by mid-afternoon.