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Greasby Infant School keeps pupils entertained in lockdown

A WIRRAL school has been praised for delivering a sense of community and belonging to children during "a very isolating" coronavirus lockdown.

Parents told the Globe that Greasby Infant School has "truly made their pupils feel involved and entertained" over the last two months.

Deputy headteacher Siobhan Cooper said: "All in all the staff, children and parents have been amazing during this incredibly difficult time and we would love to celebrate all we have achieved."

Activities set up to keep the children entertained include daily challenges on Facebook for each year group to complete and stories for children.

The parents can also post pictures of their children doing various activities.

Year two teacher Mrs Brandreth started a Covid snake that now has over 250 stones in it. Children and adults from all over Greasby have added their decorated pebbles and loved seeing each others' efforts.

Teachers have written and hand delivered letters to the children. Mrs Brandreth delivers completion prizes for the beat lockdown badge design.

A Safari animal hunt was recently organisd around Greasby Village that the children have throughly enjoyed. There were 20 animals to find hidden in a  two-mile walk. The children loved meeting their friends whilst on the hunt.

School caretaker Mr Davies created a large wooded rainbow that stands proud over the school gates. It also doubles up as a positive message notice board. The children have been creating posters and pictures to put on the board to cheer people up.

Staff and pupils have also put together a letter and drew pictures that were sent to local residential homes and vulnerable elderly people to keep their spirits up.

Among the parents praising the school's efforts at this time is Davina Fox, who said: "What amazing teachers my Daughters have. From handwritten letters, to safari hunts and painting rocks this school has delivered a sense of community and belonging during a very isolating time.
"The teachers have truly made their pupils feel involved. We feel very lucky."

Christina Middleton-Parry said: "Lockdown has been made so much easier due to the constant support we have received from school, and the variety of fun and thoughtful daily challenges we receive each day alongside the curriculum work.

"Pearl genuinely loves taking part in each activity whether it be the physical challenges or the crafty tasks and especially loves that she can see what her friends have done on the specially created F2 facebook page.

"It's a way of keeping Pearl engaged with all her friends and teachers so she still feels part of such a lovely team." 

Susan Jones said: "Greasby Infant School has been fantastic throughout the lockdown. All the children unable to attend the school still feel missed.

"Lots of activities have been going on addition to the online work set. Mrs Cooper put up an animal trail around Greasby village which was loved by all.

"My daughter has received several cards, letters and Easter chocolates personally delivered through the door from the staff.

"She has taken part in the daily Facebook class challenges her favourites including making up a spell, exercise challenges, scavenger hunts and painting a rock for the rock snake by school.

"She has also enjoyed watching other class friends complete their challenges also which has been comforting to her.

"She's enjoyed the live story times with Mrs Cooper and her daughter too.

"We have been really grateful and impressed by the daily fun and interaction that has been offered.

"So a huge thank you to Mrs Cooper from us and our daughter."

Pearl Parry said: "I loved getting cards and sweeties from Mrs Cooper, she is so kind. I also loved the safari scavenger hunt, it was so fun finding all the animals especially when we saw Mrs Cooper putting one up near our house!"

Lucy Irwin said: "Charlie and Amelia loved finding the animals around Greasby. It was a lovely activity for us to do as a family.

"Big thank you to the teachers at Greasby infants, Charlie has loved all of the activities they have set and the letters he has received from them xxx"

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