Residents in Grangemouth have hit out at park bosses who are preparing to cut down trees.

Zetland Park Regeneration Project chiefs say that they're being removed because they're either in poor condition, a safety concern or no longer suitable for their location.

But they have promised to plant new trees as part of the regeneration of the park.

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A post on social media said: "Please note that from Monday 4th October tree works will be undertaken in the park.

"Trees are being removed because they are in poor condition and are a safety concern or because they are not suitable for their location.

"We know that the loss of trees is something the community feel strongly about but please appreciate we need to think about your safety and the sustainability of the park.

"New tree planting will be undertaken in the park as part of our project this will happen in the coming months."

It's caused people to react, with many not amused at the decision.

One person responded: "What does "not suitable for their location mean"?

"They have been ok for their location for many many years. I understand there are some at the end of their life but the rest should be left alone.

"They are the lungs of this town and cannot be replaced anytime soon.

Another posted: "Poor trees. I understand you need to think about our safety but I wouldn’t mind you leaving the trees lying on the grass for nature to clean up for us instead of taking it away.

"Leaving it for nature to clean up would give a good home to wildlife that relies on dead wood for food, raising young and homes.

While a third wrote: "Fair enough if they are unsustainable, but unsuitable for their location!?"