A grandma has shared what she describes as her "life-changing" dishwasher hack - that could help save time in the kitchen.

For those fed up of waiting for their wet dishes to dry after a cycle in the dishwasher, grandma-of-eight Babs has come up with her solution on her popular Tik Tok channel.

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And the mum-of-four's latest trick is aimed at frustrated householders who are fed up with things coming out of the dishwasher still soaking wet, the Mirror reports.

In the video Babs, who posts under @brunchwithbabs, says; 'Hi it's Babs, has this ever happened to you?

"You just washed the dishes but everything is still wet.

"No hand drying those dishes. Do this instead.

"At the end of the cleaning cycle, terry cloth dish towel, close the door and wait five minutes.

"You won't have to hand-dry the dishes."

Tik Tok sensation @Brunchwithbabs shares her "life-changing" dishwasher hack

American Babs can be seen laying the dish towel over the top of the door before she closes it, so that part of the towel is in the dishwasher.

She adds: "Need more mom or grandma advice in your life? Follow along."

Her video was captioned: "Life-changing dishwasher hack."

And Tik Tok viewers appeared to approve - with over half a million giving it a like.

One viewer said: "What? I never knew this. I literally wait until the next day to unload so I don't have to dry them off."

However, it wasn't a hit with everyone - with some claiming they tried the hack and it didn't work - or that it would only work for the steam on the outside of the cups and bowls.