A much-loved 81-year-old who nipped out to buy a tin of beans with his grandson days before Christmas was killed by a teenage joyrider.

Rexon Rebidelmo was four times over the speed limit at 80mph in a 20mph zone when he drove into grandfather Charles Burcombe on December 20, 2019.

Rebidelmo, 19, admitted death by dangerous driving, driving without insurance and driving without a licence at Kingston Crown Court this morning.

The Seat Leon Cupra he was driving was allegedly stolen just before the crash, the court heard.

Rebidelmo’s passenger, Daniel Fernandes, 19, denies aggravated vehicle taking and is facing trial next year.

Mr Burcombe was pulling out of Framfield Road in Tooting, south London, when Rebidelmo overtook a line of cars on the wrong side of the road and smashed into him.

Charles Burcombe had a zest for life (


Charles Burcombe was helping to raise his grandchildren (



The court heard the university student is facing jail and a judge remanded him into custody ahead of sentencing next month.

Prosecutor Hamish Common said: “The speed estimate is 80mph in a 20mph limit on Streatham Road.”

Mr Burcombe was in the car with his 11-year-old grandson but took the brunt of the impact, his grieving daughter Sophie said after the plea hearing.

The pair had been on their way to the shop for a tin of baked beans, she said.

Paying tribute to her dad after the hearing, Sophie Burcombe said: “He had just put a deposit down on a house and he was really happy. He would go out with my son all the time. But on that day I got a call from him saying ‘Grandad’s been hit by a car’.

“He said he knew straight away Dad was gone, as if he was alive he would have checked up on him straight away. He saw him being resuscitated.

“It happened so close to Christmas - it’s taken the magic out of Christmas for me and the kids. And for my other son, his birthday too as it is on the 23rd.

“The neighbours had to come over and help me wrap presents that Christmas. It was pretty horrible. On the day it happened I remember walking home with my kids with my dad’s shoes in a plastic bag and I will never forget that.

Charles with his late wife Dorothy Burcombe (



“They let me say goodbye to my dad but I had to say goodbye to him in the forensic tent. I had to leave him there on the road.

“My son has really struggled, he’s getting upset at school. He gets nightmares about it.

“I want people to know what it was like. I know these stories come out all the time - it’s just people are not slowing down. There’s no care for other human beings.

“It upsets me and it used to upset my dad - he would say ‘I don't know why people have got to rush, they wouldn’t have to if they just left earlier.’”

The single mum said her dad was helping her raise her two boys - now aged 11 and 14 - and was a “great role model”.

She said: “My dad didn’t like sitting about. My dad was 80 but he was like a spring chicken, running around doing markets.

“He had a zest for life. He has always worked as a market trader of second hand goods, he was like a Del Boy character, he was well known around East Street market in Walworth.

“He was such a caring person, The most selfless, he never put himself first ever. He was always putting everyone else first, especially the boys. He would go without to make sure they had everything. He was the best grandad.”

Rebidelmo, of Mitcham, will be sentenced next month and Fernandes, of Tooting, will stand trial in November 2022.

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