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Government pledges £45m to help adopted kids overcome trauma and settle into their new homes


A FUNDING boost will help thousands more adopted children overcome trauma and settle into their new lives.

A multi-million pound package will pay for music sessions and play therapy to help them thrive in adult life.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has announced a £45 million spree that will strengthen relationships with their adoptive parents.

He has also pledged an extra £1 million to run recruitment campaigns next year aimed at finding families for black, Asian and minority ethnic children.

Figures show that 2,700 kids are waiting to be adopted with 40 per cent spending more than 18 months on the list.

He said: “It is a heart breaking fact that there are far too many children still waiting for a stable home and the love and support they need.

“One of the most generous gifts anyone can give is that of a loving home, which is why I have nothing but admiration for those who foster or adopt a child and help them develop and flourish into happy and successful adults.

“We’ve been working hard to reverse the falling numbers of adoptions but the problem we have is that there are simply not enough foster or adoptive parents.

“That’s why I’m announcing this new package of support for adoptive families and am determined to help find new ones.”

Sue Armstrong-Brown Chief Executive of Adoption UK said: “Most adopted children are living with the legacy of traumatic early childhoods, and have very complex needs.”

Spending on the Adoption Support Fund started off at £19 million in 2015 and is £40 million for 2019/20.

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