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The government aims to tackle racial disparities through mental health reforms

Governmentannounces reforms to mental health services to address racial disparities and better meet the needs of people with learning disabilities. I am aiming.

The Department of Health (DHSC) announced a draft mental health bill on Monday.

The government's proposed amendments to the Mental Health Act include measures aimed at addressing racial disparities in mental health services, DHSC said.

This addresses the fact that blacks,Asians, and disproportionate numbers of people from ethnic minority communities are being detained under the Mental Health Act. It is included.

More funding to allow NHS patients to coordinate services and support Is investing. Mental health emergencies receive the right care at the right time

Sajid Javid

DHSC is a culturally relevant advocacy in four regions of England He said he was piloting service improvements.

NHSEngland also has a racial equality frame for patients and caregivers to provide mental health trusts with steps to improve the care experience of people in minority communities. The DHSC said it is developing the work.

Reforms also better meet the needs of people with learning disabilities and people with autism and ensure adequate care for people with serious mental illness within the criminal justice system. He added that he was aiming.

This includes changing the law so that neither learning disabilities nor autism are considered reasons to detain someone for treatment.

Instead, people with learning disabilities and people with autism are detained for treatment only if their mental health is identified by a clinician, DHSC said. The

bill will be scrutinized by a parliamentary special committee before the government announces its final version.

The government has also announced plans to fund mental health ambulances as part of its promotion to improve services.

A&We have pledged £ 150 million over the next three years to help people in crisis other than E and improve the safety of patients in the mental health sector. .. The

department said on Monday that £ 7 million of this would be sent to specialized mental health ambulances nationwide.

This is an important and welcome milestone for the long-awaited reform of the Mental Health Act.

NHS Mental Health Director Claire Murdoch

The aim is to reduce the number of common ambulance calls by people in mental health crisis, and the police: It is to prevent the use of vehicles. How to take people to the hospital, DHSC said. The

department also invests in hospitalization alternatives for people experiencing a mental health crisis, such as the "House of Crisis" run by a voluntary sector where they have access to treatment. It is said that funds will be used to support the community.

Minister of HealthSajidJavidsaid: ..

"Our reforms to outdated mental health law will bring more people with serious mental health problems, especially those with an ethnic minority background who are disproportionately detained under the law. Another important milestone to support well and give people greater control over their treatment. ”

NHS Mental Health Director Claire Murdoch said: ..