Dunelm shoppers were quick to tell their friends about its "gorgeous" bedroom products after spotting them online.

Non-essential retail stores reopened this week after months of closure due to lockdown restrictions introduced to combat the coronavirus pandemic, meaning shoppers can finally get their hands on items and products they've previously only been able to ogle online.

Stores continue to keep shoppers updated on stock via social media, with a recent Instagram post by Dunelm causing excitement online.

Dunelm shared a photo, originally posted by @times_at_chimes, of a bedroom set featuring Dunelm's bedside tables and wall lights.

Captioning the image, Dunelm penned: "Gentle earthy tones, natural wood finishes and air purifying plants will all help you create a calmer space."

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Charley said: "Adore the bedsides."

Julia said: "Beautiful."

Suzanne tagged a friend and said: "How nice is this bedside table?"

Patsy commented: "Oh those lights are a dream."

Claire said: "Gorgeous corner."

Erin tagged a friend and added: "love these bedside tables."