Camille Claudel a sculptor who defied gender-based discrimination. features as today's Google Doodle on what would have been her 155th birthday.

The sculptor was born in Fere-en-Tardenois, northern France, on 8 December 1864,  and her famous work of art is a sculpture called ' The Waltz '.

Aged 12, sculptor Alfred Boucher met her and  encouraged her to move to Paris to study art.

She took him up on his advice and went to the French capital to study at Académie Colarossi, Claudel where she honed her craft.

Since her death her work has been much celebrated and the story of her life was told in the 1988 French film Camille Claudel.

Although she received critical acclaim for her work, much of it came posthumously  - because she had to battle against gender-based discrimination  which was rife in the art world in the 19th Century.

Paris-based artists Ichinori illustrated today's Google Doodle
Camille Claudel working in her atelier on her statue Perseus and the Gorgon in1902

Claudel and renowned sculptor Auguste Rodin were lovers and she collaborated with him on some of her daring ideas.

Her 1886 piece, “ Jeune fille à la gerbe ,” is believed to have  nspired Rodin’s “ Galatea ,” completed a few years later.

The pair met when she started working as an assistant to him - serving as his model and confidant.

But due to his notoriety Rodin received much of the credit for her ideas.

Claudel destroyed much of her work and spent the last 30 years of her life in a mental institution and never sculpted again

The couple broke off their relationship when Rodin was unwilling to end his long-term relationship.

After this she struggled to gain notoriety for her work,  with commissions being few and far between due to her highly individual style.

She was later admitted to a psychiatric hospital by her brother in 1913 after destroying most of her work and  lived there for nearly 30 years until her death in 1943.

According to her certificate of admission Claudel suffered from “systematic persecution delirium mostly based upon false interpretations and imagination”.

Claudel became obsessed with Rodin and accused him of stealing her ideas and plotting to have her killed.

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Claudel's works  'The Age of Maturity' and 'Perseus and the Gorgon'  coincided with the end of her relationship with Rodin - and are her most recognisable works.

The Claudel film stars Isabelle Adjani as the sculptor and Gerard Depardieu plays Auguste Rodin.

The Google Doodle celebrating Claudel was illustrated by

Paris-based artists Ichinori illustrated today's Google Doodle.

 They said said: "Camille Claudel is a unique artist of her time, deeply involved in creating and constantly trying to open new doors. Her life was made of poetry, hard work, freedom, drama, and pure passion."