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GMA host Michael Strahan shares rare video with his stunning twin daughters Sophia and Bella cooking Memorial Day meal

GOOD Morning America host Michael Strahan shared a rare glimpse of his 15-year-old twin daughters Sophia and Isabella as they joined him cooking a Memorial Day meal.

The former NFL player, 48, has been in a nasty custody battle with his ex-wife Jean Strahan after he accused her of "physically and emotionally abusing" their girls in March.

However, the television personality had his daughters over the holiday weekend and posted their cameo on his latest “Chef BoyarStray” segment.

“Memorial Day edition with special guests, Sophia and Isabella Strahan! I hope you all had a happy and great Memorial Day,” he wrote alongside the video.

In the clip, Michael has one arm around each of the stunning teenagers as they hug their father in the kitchen.

“Sophia decided to cook tonight, I’m going to do the grilling but she’s going to do everything else,” he began as their dog Enzo roamed in the background.

The GMA news anchor continued with a laugh: “Isabella did absolutely nothing but lay on the couch on her phone so okay, you can leave now.”

He then showed off the herbed ribeye steak and skewered shrimp they have marinated “all day long.”

The former professional athlete also prepared brussels sprouts, zucchini, garlic and corn.

Michael and Sophia then took the food outside to be grilled and flash-forwarded to the results of their hearty dinner.

In early March, documents first obtained by TMZ revealed the Hall of Fame athlete asked the court for primary custody of his twin girls.

Michael claimed in the documents that his ex-wife has been engaging in a "pattern of abusive conduct towards the children for years”.

He also claimed to have proof of the abuse and will detail them in sealed documents.

According to TMZ, he also allegedly said that Jean is failing at taking their daughters to court-ordered therapy sessions and keeps them from attending their volleyball and equestrian events.

In the documents, Michael also allegedly states that he wants primary custody of the girls and wants Jean to be held in criminal and civil contempt for her alleged actions.

If awarded custody, the girls would move to New York City with him as they currently live in North Carolina with their mother.

As for Jean, he's asking she only gets visitation rights.

Michael and Jean were in court back in January 2020 over child support.

After their nasty divorce in 2006, Jean was awarded $15.3 million and $18,000 a month in child support.

However, Jean claimed Michael had her followed with private investigators at her home in North Carolina.

“He had around the clock private investigators at her home,” her lawyer Shannon Rogers Simpson said in Manhattan Supreme Court Friday, according to Page Six.

Simpson added: “He battered her financially with lawsuits. That’s how determined he is to not pay child support he agreed to ten years ago.”

Michael's lawyers denied the claims, saying: "The notion that she is under surveillance is absurd and could never be proven."

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