COP26 increasingly looks like an international summit Glaswegians will be forced to endure rather than enjoy.

Large swathes of the city are effectively being placed in lockdown - as if everyone hasn’t had enough of that - to ensure world leaders and VIPs can travel safely into the SEC venue.

The Clydeside Expressway - one of the busiest arteries into the city centre - is closed until November 15, leaving motorists facing major delays and diversions.

Businesses still reeling from the pandemic fear the threat of violent demonstrations will kill off their trade yet again.

More than 9000 residents and businesses in Finnieston, Anderston and Yorkhill have been informed of road closures, parking restrictions and security measures.

Meanwhile a member of the Scottish Government’s Covid advisory group has said COP26 is likely to lead to a spike in cases and put extra strain on the NHS.

Devi Sridhar believes the conference will make Covid “worse”.

As if that wasn’t enough a former Colonel of British Military Intelligence has warned the summit will be a “ripe target” for terrorists, with high potential for an attack.

Philip Ingram MBE says 800 potential terrorists are being monitored in case they are planning to attack.

All things considered there is only one possible positive for Glasgow’s residents, and for the residents of the entire world.

That is if world leaders who burn up millions of tonnes of carbon touching down in private jets get the finger out and agree to take measures to tackle climate change.

Global temperatures have already risen on average by 1.2 degrees, and that is having a devastating impact on some of the world’s poorest communities.

In the UK too we are experiencing severe weather events that cost billions of pounds of damage, destroying homes and livelihoods.

The Paris Agreement the world signed up to in 2015 provides a clear roadmap to limit temperature rises to 1.5 °C, but since then targets have been repeatedly missed.

For all this hassle, Glasgow 2021 must result in an agreement that locks in and accelerates progress towards net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Anything less will be just more hot air.