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Glastonbury Live: Sundays from Elbow, Pet Shop Boys, McFly, Kendrick Lamar

Diana Ross plays at Glastonbury

The final day at Glastonburybrings beautiful weather and great live music. Fans of

Paul McCartneymay still be upset by his stunning headlines set on Saturday night, but today (Sunday, June 26). ) Has a lot of crazy fans.

George Ezraappears on the stage of John Peel, perhaps the worst secret in Glastonbury history, and the legend of jazz fusion, Harvey Hencock, on the pyramid stage. Delighted the relaxed crowd. A great performer.

At 4 pm,Diana Rossappeared on Legend Slots and was supposed to be one of the biggest viewers I've ever seen at this teatime show. I drew. The Supremes icon has moved all show stoppers to "You Can't Hurry", "You Can't Hurry", "Chain Reaction", and "Upside Down". Unfortunately,some people have no choice but to complain (seriously) about her song, sourged many to come out to her defense.

Elbow, McFly, American Artist, Road, Pet Shop Boys,Kendrick Lamar still has a set

Follow the live update below Please:


George Ezra – John Peel Stage


"I asked them," it cannot be completely secret. Can you talk to them at some point?George Ezraspeaks to a crowd of players who are stretching the length of the football field outside theJohn Peeltent.

Secret. There can be no more obvious secret set thanthan the Gold Rush Kidon the John Peel stage until the Avalon stage is a big deal by booking Joshua Tree. His official announcement a few hours ago was like a government press release declaring Brexit trash. As the only sunny lockdown bank holiday on Bournemouth Beach.

Ezra – An unpretentious, truly affectionate provider of vaguely soulful and tropical Radio 2 comfort – nevertheless, both inside and outside the field Instead, it makes you feel part of the beachside singing barbecue. "Cassy O" is a hearty country pop jig, "Listen to the Man" is the softest reggae, and "Hold My Girl" is a stirring grower ballad. The sparkle of "Barcelona" sounds like Hartford's meat gently roasting in the Catalan sun. There is also a story about "Green Green Grass" that he came across a funeral party in Saint Lucia. As a result, Ezra is approaching the soft pop Judith Charmers.

The long-awaited party really started in "paradise", the crowd slowly grooved the last third and enjoyed the steel drum carnival that took place during "Blameiton Me". I'm out. Less horny Mumford&Sons – and probably breaks the mass yodeling record in “Budapest”.

A "shotgun" dedicated to those who "did not receive notes" about Ezra's appearance under the rocks of Mars, cheerfully towards Diana Ross's feelings. Drifting , Like someone.


Diana Ross fans say she's "off-key" at Glastonbury Defend the singer after viewers complain set

Soul Singer is at Worthy Farm A lot of people gathered in the Legend Slot


DhakaBrakha Review – Pyramid Stage

DhakaBrakha – Pyramid Stage

(via Getty Images) AFP)

Ukrainian band Dakha Brakha started Life as a theater project was avant-garde in Kyiv until the Putin war was suspended indefinitely. It is rooted in the scene. For many years, the band has represented the music and culture of its own country. Usually, the ending show "Stop Putin. Against the war." Today, they brought an anti-war message to the world's largest festival in a victorious and rebellious manner.

Visually striking, they step into the pyramid stage and shine with towering black lamb wool hats, crimson beads and other workmanship. The crowd is cheering with yellow and blue face paint, flower headdresses and Ukrainian flags.

Despite their traditional folk heritage, Dhaka Brakha is as modern as they come. The whole experience is a noisy explosion of colors. The hypnotic harmony blends seamlessly with African rhythms and heavy percussive basslines. Without losing sight of their political message, the band shows footage of the destruction that the Russian war brought to their hometown during the performance. When they reach an exhilarating climax, the word "Arm Ukraine now" shines behind them. It reminds us all of the unity of this festival.

Today, Dhaka Brakha did just that on the pyramid stage. ★★★ ☆☆


George Ezra Review

There is no more obvious secret set than the Gold Rush Kid until the Avalon Stage takes care of booking the Joshua Tree. John Peel Stage


Diana Ross is a fun set on her legendary pyramid stage Slot

Diana Ross and her wonderful choir and backing band, along with Ross, one of the best outfits Glastonbury has ever seen, are absolutely on the pyramid stage. I'm killing it.


Herbie Hancock Review – Pyramid Stage


GlastonburyNot all 80 need to be what they look like Melting in the rain to prove, the legendary jazz fusion Herbie Hancock will be on stage on Sunday afternoon. The performance is so much fun and effortless that it is as welcomed as the sun.

The crowd of pyramid stages, mostly reclining, fueled by the cool breeze, extends to the tent line for veteran virtuosos. Today, Hancock and his band move away from his electronic 80's material and instead jazz such as "Actual Proof" from the 1974 albumThrust

{209. I chose to devote myself to the funk number. }

A glimpse of "Chameleon" from the classic albumHeadhunterfolds early and breaks into a series of extended solos with a distinctive pop bass. "Footprints" is dedicated to Hancock's friend Wayne Shorter, an 88-year-old saxophonist. Wayne Shorter co-founded the 70's jazz fusion band Weather Report.

Cantaloupe Island, with rolling piano chords and sparkle trumpet lines, will be the next to appear before Hancock's undertaking "Cameleon" (this time the entire track). To do. A dazzling keeter solo that undulates throughout the field. It will be a great Sunday. ★★★★ ☆


People who are excited about Kendrick ..

Much has been said about both Eilish and McCartney sets (a talented young artist just before the start of his career, and a veteran four times her age). It's been said, but the stage seems to be set to K-a dot to make this great.

He is one of the world's leading musicians at the pinnacle of power.

It may be touching.Don't miss:

Pulitzer Prize-winning rappers make their long-awaited debut at Worthy Farm


Paul McCartney's Johnny Depp video shows different reactions

Seemingly overwhelmed by Paul McCartney's headline gig on the pyramid stage last night, there have been criticisms aimed at the fact that he moved the "My Valentine" video featuring Hollywood star Johnny Depp. did.

McCartney included a video on his tour in the U.S. prior to Glastonbury, but many on social media expressed discomfort at watching Depp on the huge screen of Worthy Farm. doing.

In The Independent's comment article,my colleague Harriet Williamson wrote:

"McCartney's use of Depp Video is interpreted as a public defamation. Unfortunately, not unexpected. The man's spouseis" wife ". Backs up a friend even if he loses a British defamation lawsuit for being called a "beater"– the alleged abuse was considered "substantially true" by the Royal Courts of Justice in London. .. ”

Read the full article here:

Other landmarks Wrong Note Performance from someone who shaped the direction of music forever was McCartney's decision to play Johnny Depp's video


Normally, I think it's pretty bad to ridicule all the "Paul is dead" plots, but this one Gave me a laugh.