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Glasgow coronavirus lockdown: Nicola Sturgeon warns 'precautions are being undertaken'

The First Minister told the Scottish Government's coronavirus briefing 2,490 patients have died in Scotland after testing positive for COVID-19, no change on Wednesday's figure. She said 18,365 people have tested positive for the virus in Scotland, up by six from 18,359 on Sunday. This follows 19 new cases on Sunday, of which 12 were in Glasgow. The First Minister said that seven of the 12 new cases in Glasgow reported on Sunday related to a single care home, and those who were found to have the virus were asymptomatic. Speaking at the briefing, Nicola Sturgeon said: "It's worth noting that on both Friday and on Sunday we saw higher number of new cases than has been the norm in recent weeks.

"Yesterday 19 new cases were reported, on Friday it was 18.

"Now, in any occasion where there is an increase like that I want to give an assurance that we look very, very thoroughly to see if there are any patterns or causes for concern."

On the 12 cases in Glasgow, she added: "That is being looked at in much greater detail and all necessary follow up tests, checks and precautions are being undertaken."

The First Minister did not say which care home the cases were from, nor did she say if it was residents or members of staff who had tested positive.

The First Minister also reiterated her call for people not to gather in large groups or to go to places which are busy.

A road in the Trossachs was forced to close over the weekend due to parked cars making it impassible.

Ms Sturgeon said: "We're asking you to please use your common sense - if car parks are full, move on, if places look busy then also move on.

"Our very strong advice, as you know, is to avoid crowded places, whether they're outdoors or indoors."

The First Minister also said there had been concerns raised with her about "large numbers of people wild camping".

With campsites are set to open on Wednesday, she added: "If you do intend to use them over the next few weeks, our advice is to book ahead, not simply turn up."

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