A little girl has pleaded with a drink driver who smashed into her mum's car to "please don't ever do that again" in a heart-wrenching letter. 

Amelia Elce, from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, was rushed to hospital after drink driver Tomasz Niedziela careered onto the wrong side of the road and hit her at an estimated 80mph.

Daughter Isabelle, 8, has since written Niedziela to "save other people" and encourage him to think again before getting behind the wheel after a drink.

The letter has been shared on Facebook to persuade others not to be so reckless this Christmas.

Isabelle's note told how Niedziela's actions meant she "nearly didn't have a mummy anymore", with the 35-year-old having been almost twice the legal limit.

College tutor Amelia miraculously escaped the crash on September 21 with minor cuts and severe whiplash, but is still suffering with the psychological impact and fears she may "never drive again".

In the letter school pupil Isabelle wrote: "On that night when you drank alcohol and went in your car, you nearly killed my mummy!

"She had to go to hospital with blood pouring out of her head and I nearly didn't have a mummy anymore. So please don't ever do that again."

The collision was on Amelia’s drive back from Asda at 1am and she remembers swerving away from the oncoming vehicle.

Eight-year-old Isabelle Elce's letter to drink driver Tomasz Niedziela

She said she was setting up at a local hall for a baby and children market she was hosting the next day but went to the 24-hour supermarket after realising she forgot to get sausages.

“On my return, I could see headlights in the distance, and I remember thinking ‘is that car on my side of the road?’

“As it was dark, I doubted myself but seconds later the car was right in front of me, so I swerved out of the way as the other driver made no attempt of moving.

“I remember screaming and then waking up in a ditch – the driver’s side was down, and the boot was in the air.

“I couldn’t open my eyes due to the amount of blood – it felt like I was in the pouring rain.

“I could smell smoke and had to make an escape, so I leaned over to the passenger side and some how managed to get out."

A stranger came to her aid but she said she was worried about the other car as there was no movement.

“I thought maybe the driver had a heart attack at the wheel, that’s why he didn’t move," said Amelia. But then I realised he was drunk."

The North Notts College tutor was kept in the hospital for a few hours while medics compressed her wounds.

A couple of days later, she was unable to move her neck due to whiplash and she can no longer straighten her right arm.

Amelia Elce's car after crash with drink driver Tomasz Niedziela

She has been unable to return to work because of her injuries and mental health.

She adds: “I suffer with flashbacks and I have nightmares every night.

“I used to love driving but now I can’t trust anyone and I am petrified – I try and avoid car journeys as best as I can.

“I have been prescribed medication from the doctors to calm my nerves and sleeping tablets."

She said little Isabelle has "kind of taken the parent role" during car journeys and sings to her mum to try calm her down.

“It shouldn’t have to be like this – I hate letting my children see I am scared as I don’t want them to develop a fear," said the mum.

“She wrote the letter to ‘stop people from getting hurt’ and she really hopes the driver sees it.”

Isabelle’s dad Adam, 37, shared the letter on Facebook as a warning to other drivers.

Amelia said: “I saved my life by swerving out of the way.

“It makes me angry that the driver will be on the road again within 20 months – my whole life and family have been affected by the crash.

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“He probably can’t even remember what happened.

“We decided to share the letter on Facebook and hopefully Isabelle’s wish will come true and he will understand what he has done.

“I also want other people to read my story and realise how dangerous it can be get behind the wheel when drunk.

“The accident has massively taken a toll on my mental health – I don’t know if I can ever return to work as I would have to drive everyday to get there.”

She told the BBC how Isabelle "took herself off to her bedroom" before returning with the letter.

"It was amazing. We didn't realise the impact it had on her."

Amelia added the police believe Niedziela was traveling at 80mph at the time of the crash.

He admitted driving while over the drink drive limit at Mansfield Magistrates' Court on December 12.

The defendant, from Mansfield, was disqualified from driving for 20 months and had to pay a £590 fine with a £59 victim surcharge and £85 court costs.