A seven-year-old girl whose heart stopped for ten minutes in a pool accident has thanked the hero parents and medics who saved her.

Leenah Ali was at a friend's pool party when she sank to the bottom of the pool in Brisbane, Australia, without anybody initially noticing.

One parent however, who had been supervising, jumped in quickly after while others called emergency services who then instructed how to to give Leenah CPR.

Thankfully their efforts were a success, which eventually rebooted the young girl's heart.

An emergency service operator can be heard calmly saying: "We're on the way as fast as we can, lights and sirens. But we need to make sure we are doing the CPR before the paramedics get there.

Leenah thanks medics and parent Jamie who helped save her life

"This is going to help them. We need to keep pumping the chest hard and fast 30 times and then two breaths".

Parent Jamie who attempts CPR can be heard saying: "Thirty times and two breaths, okay."

Emergency services arrived at the scene within seven minutes and were able to kick start Leenah's heart.

Leenah remained unconscious for four days, as her frantic parents, who weren't at the pool during the accident, waited at her bedside.

Weeks after recovering from her near death experience, Leenah thanked those parents who gave her CPR and medics whoa arrived on scene.

In footage of the touching moment, the youngster is seen thanking paramedics and giving Jaime a hug.

Leenah hugs Jamie who helped save her life by administering CPR

Medics said the chances of her surviving had been about one in one hundred.

Speaking to local media, Jaime said: "I think there’s a condition reflex response, having a little bit of training.

"As soon as you hear that there’s no pulse, you start compressions.

"That’s basically what it was and I didn’t really have a chance to think about it."

Leenah's mum Aysha said: "Initially things like that she is breathing, that was reassuring.

"But then the next thing that happened it started to be like, OK, now will she make it? What about the brain damage? What about the disabilities she can have? And that’s what the doctor was warning us."

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