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Girl, 3, saves her mum’s life after she had a heart attack by calling her gran & saying ‘Mummy’s fallen over’


A GIRL of three saved her mother’s life by calling her gran to tell her: “Mummy’s fallen over.”

Jodie Michael, 25, had a heart attack and hit her head while getting little Aria ready for school.

But the girl took her mum’s phone and calmly rang her gran Diane.

Cleaner Jodie, from Rotherham, South Yorks, said: "I was shocked - she's so smart.

"I was laying on the floor with my eyes closed but she was calm and explained to her nanna everything she needed to know.

"I don't remember much after I collapsed but when I regained consciousness I was just worried for Aria.

"I didn't know if she was petrified because her mum was on the floor.

"But she was so calm. I couldn't believe it, she was telling me to go to the toilet to be sick.

"She's so brilliant. It does panic me sometimes to think I can just collapse like that - but knowing Aria around gives me comfort.

"I was upset because I thought I should be the one taking care of her, not the other way round. It was like she was my mum."

Jodie, who suffers with a genetic heart condition, has recovered after being taken to Rotherham General Hospital last week.

Bus driver dad Jordan, 27, at work at the time, said: “Time was of the essence and, thankfully, Aria was on the ball.”

Aria said: “I hope Mummy is proud. I hope she doesn’t fall again.”

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