A teenage boy tried to murder his ex-partner and mother to his child after his "demon" mistress ordered him to "prove his love".

Rhett Carty-Shaw, 17, left Iman Nassir, also 17, with horrific injuries after repeatedly knifing her in her own home.

A court heard he was encouraged to do so by Kyro Mori Akihiro who became incensed he was still seeing Ms Nassir behind her back.

Manchester Evening News says Mori Akihiro sent the thug 50 messages including one that read: "Why you taking so long? Hurry up and do it."

Carty-Shaw and Mori Akihiro have now been jailed , each for 16 years.

Sentencing on Friday at Manchester Crown Court, Judge Alan Conrad QC decided the identities of the twisted teenagers could be published.

Kyro Mori Akihiro, then known as Sarah Mohamed, was jailed for 16 years

Speaking since sentencing, Ms Nassir said: "It's hard to move on because I have his child. Moving on I feel like it's my year to shine now.'

"It has put my mind at ease to know that they are in prison now. I can do all the fun things I want to do."

The ordeal happened in Openshaw, Manchester, back in May but Ms Nassir is still taking painkillers and antidepressants. She has moved away from the area.

The teenager also needed surgery to treat several stab wounds.

Rhett Carty-Shaw dated Ms Nassir after meeting at school
Carty-Shaw, pictured with Ms Nassir, has now been sentenced to 16 years in jail

She described Mori Akihiro, who at the time of the offence was known as Sarah Mohamed, as a "demon type of girl".

"I feel like she had it in her, but I never felt like he had it in him," said Ms Nassir.

"I would say she is more manipulative.

"He went from being this nice bloke to this kind of Jekyll and Hyde kind of thing."

The young victim has had to move away from Greater Manchester

In a statement read out in court last week, the mum told how her life has been changed by her ordeal.

It read: "I find this so difficult to talk about because words can't describe how I feel.

"I have a son with Rhett, I feel empty but I try not to let this feeling overpower me because I have a beautiful son to raise.

"For that reason I had to move away from Greater Manchester to feel safe and to keep my son safe.

"My mum, myself, my son and my three siblings have all moved away. This has not only affected me but my whole family.

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"My two younger siblings have had to change schools, they are currently going through therapy as they witnessed me with stab wounds bleeding heavily before the ambulance came.

"I also worry that my son will grow up like his dad and be violent.

"The incident has dramatically changed and my life and the outlook of living."