A teenager’s death has been ruled an accident after she was hit by a train while walking home.

Mary Beary, 16, died on July 30 last year soon after being dropped off at Broxbourne station, Hertfordshire, where she was seen jumping onto the tracks to take a shortcut home and was hit by a train.

A police officer who viewed footage of her death told a coroner that he could see that Mary was holding her phone at the time of the collision. When emergency services arrived at the scene there was nothing that could be done for her and she was declared dead at the scene shortly after 10pm.

Mary’s mother Pamela said that she had taken her daughter to get her eyebrows, eyelashes and nails done on the day of her death and they spent most of the day together. She described her as being her ‘usual laughing and happy self’.

When they got home, Mary went into the caravan where she lived next to the family’s house, to make videos that often involved her singing to music. At around 4pm, she told her mum she was going to a friends house – that was the last time Pamela saw Mary.



Her mother revealed that she had a ‘bad feeling wash over me’ and started ringing her daughter. She called 15 times and sent messages but did not get an answer.

Mary had gone to be with her boyfriend Jerry Saunders who took her for a Nandos at the Lakeside Shopping Centre, Essex. When they got into his van she saw the messages and missed calls from her mother.

She range her back and asked if she was in trouble or would have her phone taken off her. In her written statement, Pamela said that while Mary was not crying or shouting, she ‘could tell she was upset’ and ‘could hear trains in the background’.

Police officer David Udomhiaye said CCTV showed Mary going into the station at 9.57pm then climbing over a wall near the tracks. A minute later she was seen crossing the tracks with her phone in her hand and was hit by the train.

He said: ‘There is nothing from what I have seen to suggest it was a deliberate act, she was simply trying to cross the tracks. It wasn’t out of character for her to take that walk to get home, it was a shortcut for her to get home.

‘All the evidence suggests she was happy – she had a happy day with her family and boyfriend and it was the worry of being in trouble when she got home that she was now distracted. My opinion from the investigation was that it was a tragic accident.’



Coroner Dr Francis Cranfield said: ‘I give my condolences to the train driver because this must have been a difficult time for him.’

Recording a verdict of accidental death, he added: ‘I give my sincerest condolences to the family and friends at what must have been an incredible difficult time and still is.’

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