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Girl, 13, killed by rampaging troop of monkeys who chased her off roof in India


A LITTLE girl has died after being chased off a roof of her own house by a gang of violent monkeys in India.

The 13-year-old, who was collecting her drying clothes from the rooftop, plunged to her death in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh yesterday, police said.

She was chased by the rampaging primates while collecting her laundry.

The girl was taken to a local hospital but was declared death on arrival by doctors.

This comes after another monkey killed a four-month-old baby in Muzaffarnagar last year by picking up a stone and dropping it on his head.

And earlier this month, two men were killed in the Indian city of Agra when two gangs of warring primates caused a wall to collapse at a property.

Laxman Tulisiani, the owner of the house, died along with a labourer, named only as Veera in local media, while they were inspecting the building which was under construction.

Police said the pair were standing underneath a wall which was set to be removed when a mass brawl broke out between the monkeys.

The wall then collapsed and fell 10ft onto the men, news agency IANS reports.

In one of the most horrifying attacks, a monkey killed a newborn baby after snatching him from his mother and leaving his body on a neighbour's roof.

The woman had been breastfeeding the 12-day old tot when a group of monkeys ambushed the family's home on the outskirts of Agra in 2018.

The bleeding infant was rushed to hospital but sadly declared dead on arrival after the attack.

The baby's father Yogesh, who drives an auto rickshaw, told local media: "The front door was left open and my wife was breastfeeding the baby when a monkey suddenly ran into the house."

Reports said that the same monkey attacked a sleeping 14-year-old girl in the neighbourhood before running off.

In August, 2018, footage showed a monkey going on a rampage in Karnataka, India, as it tried to kidnap a baby boy.

Astonishing moment screaming monkey pins BABY to the floor in terrifying village rampage in Karnataka, India

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