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Ghislaine Maxwell trial – live: Accuser speaks as Clinton, Trump and Prince Andrew Lolita Express trips noted

Watch live as Ghislaine Maxwell trial continues in New York City

Day two of the trial of British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell is underway in New York City, as the 59-year-old faces charges related to her alleged involvement in financier Jeffrey Epstein’s sex crimes.

Her first accuser, identified only as “Jane”, has taken the stand and testified that Ms Maxwell was in the room when Epstein sexually assaulted her when she was 14 years old.

Epstein’s longtime pilot Larry Visoski was cross-examined by the defence team about specific flights and passengers, following questioning by the prosecution regarding his work and access to Epstein’s properties.

He testified that passengers on Epstein’s plane included Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Itzhak Perlman, Donald Trump, Chris Tucker, John Glenn, Kevin Spacey, and George Mitchell. Mr Visoski also said he never saw either Ms Maxwell nor Epstein being inappropriate with a minor in 30 years.

On Monday, prosecutor Lara Pomerantz told jurors at the Manhattan federal court that in the 1990s, Ms Maxwell would procure girls for Epstein via the “ruse” of a massage. In response, her defence said that Ms Maxwell was being made a scapegoat because Epstein’s death led her accusers unable to seek justice.

Ms Maxwell, who spent decades rubbing shoulders with British royals and US presidents, is accused of recruiting and grooming underage girls for the late disgraced financier to sexually abuse between 1994 and 2004.

The daughter of the late media mogul Robert Maxwell, Ms Maxwell faces the prospect of up to 35 years of jail if she is found guilty. The trial is expected to last six weeks.


‘Jane’ describes first sexual contact with Epstein

“Jane” says she was 14 years old when she was first sexually assaulted by Epstein.

Asked what happened, she recalls that he took her into the pool house and pulled down his sweatpants. She says that he pulled her on top of him and “proceeded to masturbate on me” before leaving.

She adds that she was “frozen in fear” and had never seen a penis before.

Describing another incident she says that Ms Maxwell was also present and the couple kissed and fondled each other in front of her.


Couple boasted about social circle

Giving examples of whom Epstein and Ms Maxwell said was in their social circle, “Jane” names Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Mike Wallace.

She also described the house as full of art and sculptures and pictures of famous people. Some of the art she found odd — creepy animals and naked women.


‘Jane’ was invited to Epstein’s pool where Maxwell and others were naked

“Jane” was invited to Epstein’s house and recalls at least four women and Ms Maxwell being topless or naked by the pool.

She later adds that Epstein paid for voice lessons for her, as well as clothes, and things for school.

Jane said Ms Maxwell gave her some advice: “Once you’ve f****d them, you can always f*** them again because they’ve been grandfathered in.”

She laughed at the time because she didn’t know what it meant.


‘Jane’ describes meeting Maxwell and Epstein

“Jane” tells the court about her father’s death from leukemia and the family’s subsequent financial difficulties, before talking about studying at the Interlochen music academy in Michigan.

It was there she met Epstein and Ms Maxwell describing them as “friendly”, “inquisitive”, and seeming like a married couple.

She said they asked for her mother’s phone number and told her they were big benefactors.


Comey asks ‘Jane' about her sexual encounter with Epstein

AUSA Comey asked “Jane” to first identify her birth certificate, and then how old she was when she first had sexual contact with Jeffrey Epstein.

She replies that she was 14 and when questioned further adds that Ghislaine Maxwell was in the room.

“Jane” then identifies the defendant Ms Maxwell in the courtroom.


‘Jane’ takes the stand

“Minor victim 1” in the indictment against Ms Maxwell is now taking the stand. She is known by the pseudonym “Jane”.

The court sketch artist is ordered not to depict her.


Visoski says he never saw accused or Epstein being inappropriate with minors

Mr Visoski is still on the stand being cross-examined by defence lawyer Mr Everdell.

The questioning now focuses on Mr Visoski’s impression of Ms Maxwell.

He said that she seemed like a nice person and he let his two daughters go riding with her.

According to reporting from in the court, Mr Everdell asked if Mr Visoski had seen anything in 30 years that indicated that Epstein or Maxwell were abusers. He replied that he did not.

I a redirect by the prosecution, Assistant US Attorney Maurene Comey asked if he had ever his 14-year-old daughter massage Mr Epstein. He responded that he did not.


Epstein’s private pilot details disgraced financier’s opulent residences

Larry Visoski took us inside Jeffrey Epstein’s private world on day two of Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial. Bevan Hurley report for The Independent from the courthouse in Lower Manhattan.

Mr Visoski’s cross-examination by the defence team begins again shortly.

Pilot takes jury inside Epstein’s far-flung and opulent homes


Maxwell-Epstein personal relationship fizzled out in 2000s

Mr Visoski is asked to recall the relationship between Ms Maxwell and Epstein, saying that whatever personal relationship fizzled out in the 2000s, with Ms Maxwell later dating Ted Waitt the CEO of Gateway Computers.

Judge Nathan then confirmed a break in proceedings.


Visoski questioned about Epstein’s apparent generosity

Mr Everdell asked Mr Visoski about how Epstein had helped him with accommodation and other expenses.

Among the ways in which the billionaire had helped or rewarded the pilot. were putting him up in an apartment on East 66th St, at which personal assistant Sarah Kellen also stayed in addition to one of the unnamed accusers.

He also reportedly gave him 40 acres of land in New Mexico on which to build a house and paid for his two daughters to go to college.

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