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Get your booster jab to save lives and keep our freedoms this winter

TODAY The Sun urges all readers to put rocket-boosters under the stuttering jabs rollout.

Nothing is more vital to save lives and keep our freedoms this winter.

If you’re invited to get YOUR booster shot, don’t hesitate — especially if you are one of the 1.5million people who has been asked, but is yet to come forward.

Britain’s vaccine programme was a world-leading triumph, thanks in no small part to Sun readers who flocked to have theirs — and joined our Jabs Army to help others do the same.

The uptake was phenomenal.

But we must all remember this: the drugs don’t CURE this ­hideous disease.

Some childhood inoculations last for life. Sadly that’s not so with a virus as unstable as Covid.

Yes, your Pfizer or AstraZeneca jabs provide powerful protection against infection, severe illness and death. But it is clear that, a few months on, the effect is starting to wane.

That makes regular boosters ­crucial, especially for over-50s.

And the booster rollout, unlike the astonishing pace with which the first two jabs were delivered, is too slow.

We all wish it were otherwise, but yesterday’s grim figures show the pandemic is not over.

Some 223 Covid deaths were reported, the highest in seven months.

Another 43,738 people were infected.

The vaccines have kept hospitalisations and deaths far lower than during the second wave last winter. But both are rising.

And a booster shot won’t just maximise your immunity, potentially saving your life and maybe your loved ones.

It will give Britain our best chance of swerving further crippling restrictions.

We have all loved near-normality returning this summer. The prospect of social distancing, compulsory masks, closures and even lockdowns — just in time for Christmas — is bleak indeed.

The vaccination programme for teenagers has been plagued with problems.

With unvaccinated 12 to 15-year-olds comprising a large percentage of new cases, this must be urgently fixed.

Let’s keep Britain safe — and free.

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