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Georgia Tennant mocks husband David Tennant’s age in ‘hilarious’ Twitter putdown

Georgia Tennant delivered a hilarious comeback to a follower who was particularly taken by her husband on social media.

The British actor, who is married to David Tennant, received a message reading: "I want David Tennant to rail me."

Georgia, who has been married to the former Doctor Who star since 2011, used the chance to lovingly mock her husband.

"He’s far too old to even know what that means," she replied.

Tennant, whose father is another former Doctor Who star, Peter Davison, was praised for her collected response.

Another said the comment left them "laughing so hard" as another hailed it as the "best response [they've] ever seen".

The married couple first met after appearing on Doctor Who together in 2008 episode “The Doctor's Daughter”.

Speaking about their relationship on broadcaster Gaby Roslin's podcast, Tennant admitted: "Because Doctor Who had run through my life like a stick of rock, to end up marrying the daughter of one of the doctors, it all felt a bit stupid – there were a lot of things against it."

However, Georgia said she was “very much the driving force” for the pair getting together, stating: “Had I not worked quite so hard, it might not have happened.”

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