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Generous Britons donate £31,000 to Burnley Church on the Street Ministries

Members of a Burnley church group say they are overwhelmed by the donations flooding in following their appeal to help those most in need.

A GoFundMe page set up to support Church on the Street Ministries had set a target of £10,000 but within 24 hours that figure had been trebled.

The Church on the Street Ministries helps and support people affected by homelessness and addiction. They work on the streets of Burnley town centre with a number of homeless persons and those suffering with addiction.

They help to distribute food provide pastoral support and distribute medication during the Coronavirus lockdown and were featured in this BBC Report.

The page has had £31,500 in donations and reads, “We have been absolutely humbled and overwhelmed with messages of support and contact for donations we have created this Gofundme page to make it easier for people to help if they are able to.

“All donations will go towards serving the most impoverished and vulnerable within our community throughout and beyond the pandemic.

“More information about Church on the Street Ministries: Church on the Street Ministries is a Christian church and charity, and we put our faith into action through social welfare provision.

“We are passionate about our work and we aim to do even more. We care for many people in need - the homeless, the elderly, children and families, prisoners, people suffering addictions - anyone who needs us will receive care, compassion and support.

“Based in Burnley, we make a difference to many people in our communities who may feel excluded or face loneliness and isolation.”

On Tuesday analysis by the BBC shows the death rate from all causes between April and June this year in the most deprived areas was nearly double that of deaths in the least deprived parts of England.

Speaking to the BBC, Mike Fleming from Church on the Street Ministries said, “People are coming here because they can get hot food that they can eat now. The need’s massive, absolutely colossal.

“You’ve seen people working who can’t make ends meet.”

"The need here in Burnley I think is unprecedented and it’s upsetting."

Father Alex Frost, Vicar at St Matthew's Church broke down on the programme after revealing the pressures many people were under.

He is heard saying, “I go into houses and I sometimes have children ripping the bags open to get at the food as I’m carrying them through the door.

“It’s not all that, that’s not all right. And it wasn’t as bad as that before the virus.”

You can still donate here

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