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General Election 2019 Live: Labour’s tax plans will cost lower-paid couples £250, admits John McDonnell

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JOHN McDonnell has admitted that Labour’s tax plans will cost lower-paid couples £250.

The shadow chancellor said married couples would be better off under Labour - despite many losing their £250 annual marriage allowance.

He said Labour had been opposed to the Tory marriage incentive since its inception and had proposed scrapping the tax break - which only applies to couples where one person earns less than £12,500 in personal allowance - in their 2017 manifesto.

Mr McDonnell told the BBC: "What they will lose is about £250 maximum. What they will get in return is free childcare, if they're on minimum wage they will have a £3,500-a-year increase."

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  • Alexander Brown 's avatarAlexander Brown2 minutes ago


    Former Tories Rory Stewart and David Gauke have united in a campaign video as they run for different roles.

    Mr Gauke is hoping to win his old seat as an independent, while Mr Stewart is running to be Mayor of London.

  • Alexander Brown 's avatarAlexander Brown32 minutes ago


    Tory Shailesh Vara has urged the British Indian community to vote Conservative with a musical video.

  • Alexander Brown 's avatarAlexander Brown3 hours ago


    Tories at Conservative headquarters line up to get the Prime Minister's signature.

    Instead of getting one from say Mick Jagger, David Beckham, or literally anyone else, the Tory faithful were delighted to get a signature from Bojo.

  • Alexander Brown 's avatarAlexander Brown3 hours ago


    Boris Johnson has guaranteed immigration numbers will go down if his party win a majority.

    The Prime Minister said: “You've seen quite a large number of people coming in from the whole of the EU, 580 million population, able to treat the UK as though it's basically part of their own country and the problem with that is there has been no control at all and I don't think that is democratically accountable. 

    “You have got to have a system by which politicians can say to people, well yes we are letting people in but we are doing it in a way that is controlled and checked.

    “I can make sure that numbers will come down because we'll be able to control the system in that way and what I don't think is right is to have an uncontrolled and unlimited approach to that.”

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