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Gemma Collins reveals bizarre pre-Brits prep as she gets £3500 cryotherapy treatment as Dua Lipa does a yoga workout

GEMMA Collins treated herself to a £3500 cryotherapy beauty treatment while Dua Lipa enjoyed a spot of yoga ahead of the Brits tonight.

The self-confessed diva, 40, and the singer, 25, have completely different ways of preparing themselves for the prestigious awards.

The former Towie star, who striped naked to burn off fat in a freezing cryotherapy machine last week, headed back to the Ice Health Cryotherapy Spa on High Street Kensington for another treatment today.

This time around Director Alla Pashynska started off with Red Light Therapy, which was followed by Contrast Temperatures Full Body Cryotherapy at +65C to -196C for a five minute session.

They then went back to Red Light Therapy, followed by another Contrast Temperatures Cryotherapy at -196C.

Gemma finished off her preparation with the only Cryoreshaping treatment available in London, where different technologies are used to achieve instant results.

And this time around Gemma wanted to try and shrink her tummy area.

The reality star shared a video of the Cyrostimulation at -154C on her Instagram Story.

The treatment targets metabolism by improving our blood and lymphatic circulation, and is then followed by different treatments to stimulate muscles.

She told her 2.2m followers: "Here she is, the genius at work getting me ready for the Brits."

Director Alla Pashynska explained: "This is Cyrostimulation. Why stimulation? Because it stimulates everything on a cellular level which is on the skin.

"So all the receptors react and send signals to the brain as they sense something is changing, so the body needs to start doing a workout to produce the heat to maintain the temperature."

The clinic recommend a block of 10 sessions, which cost £350 each, and last 1.5 to 2 hours long.

Cryotherapy involves the application of sub-zero temperatures to treat diseased or dead tissue.

For tailored treatments, it can be applied via a spray gun or cotton swabs to certain parts of the body.

Last week Gemma travelled to the capital for a whole-body treatment.

The GC got into body-sized capsule while liquid nitrogen is pumped into the air, cooling the entire chamber to -200°C.

Although it sounds weird to most, a number of A-list celebrities and athletes use cryotheraphy and it has a range of benefits including helping muscle pain, joint disorders, skin conditions and aid weight loss.

Gemma isn't a stranger to undergoing treatments as she's managed to fork out £8.3k worth of treatments - which include £150 hydrotherapy facials, £195 facial peel and £795 to get lipstick tattooed on to her lips.

Meanwhile, Dua - who is up for three nominations tonight at the Brits - opted for something a little more 'normal' to prepare for tonight.

The singer is due to hit the stage tonight at the O2 Arena and has made sure she's totally relaxed by doing a spot of yoga with her cat.

The pop star is nominated for Female Solo Artist, Mastercard Album and Mastercard British Single.

Gemma Collins begs for 'a day off' her gruelling weight loss routine while exercising with personal trainer

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