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Gemma Collins is flogging her size 24 clothes on Depop after three stone weight loss

GEMMA Collins has taken to Depop to flog her old size 24 clothes after losing three stone.

The 39-year-old reality star has cleared out her old clothes, which she admitted have only been worn once or never at all.

The clothes for sale range from size 16 to 24.

As well as a string of stylish co-ords, fans can also get their hands on several of Gemma's beloved printed kaftans.

She explained in her Depop bio: "NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGE but enjoy enjoy enjoy the fabulous !!!! Clothes brand new or never been worn or once for a shoot!!"

The GC, who turns 40 in January, has been wowing fans with her new look since revealing her three stone weight loss.

The Towie star has used a combination of diet, exercise and Skinny Jab injections to help her shift the weight.

The £250 shots are supposed to act as an appetite suppressant and help the body turn stored fat into energy.

Speaking on Instagram, the star opened up about her controversial way of losing weight and told fans: "They have transformed my whole life with regards to dieting."

She also recently underwent “permanent contour” treatment to add definition to her face.

Documenting the procedure on Instagram, Gemma laid back as the beautician treated her face with a plasma pen.

She said: "Girls, if any of you are trying to contour your face, this is the best girl to do it. Ive got no filter, I've got nothing on my face."

Just one week later, Gemma told fans she felt "brand new" after having the fat in her chin dissolved with a £350 injection.

The star hit back at fans who accused her of using filters to achieve her flawless photos, saying: "I just wanted to show you that this is me, this is how I look. There's been a few comments recently about filters but I have been having amazing face treatments done.

"Moisturising, skin tightening, I had a little injection in my chin to take some fat out of my chin. It's all been done by the London Aesthetics company.

"I've been seeing a lot of people saying 'you've got a filter'. Honey, this ain't no filter! This is me. My authentic self. I have just been looking after myself a lot recently and loving myself. I'm a Queen at the end of the day. This is how I look. There is no filter on here. This is a normal video."

She added: "Yes my face has changed a bit but for the better. I've lost weight. I'm feeling good, I've got time to look after myself. I've had lots of treatments at the London Aesthetics company. And I feel brand new."

Gemma Collins shows off her slim waist in cosy loungewear after three stone weight loss

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