Gemma Collins has showed off her natural beauty as she went completely without make-up for her latest Instagram offering.

The GC, 39, was flooded by compliments from fans as she gazed moodily into the camera, flashing a peace sign.

And never one to shy from giving her opinion, Gemma urged her followers to embrace their natural looks and to stop editing their snaps.

"Fancied going NATURAL on the GRAM today," the star wrote, "are we taking all this editing and apps too far you hardly recognize people in real life anymore !!!!

"EMBRACE your natural beauty !!!!! Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring..... we must remain INDIVIDUALS.

"Thank you @thelondonaesthetics for my HI FU non invasive facials."

Gemma was flooded with compliments

"Wow! Gemma you really are so naturally pretty ! You don’t need make up x," one fan gushed.

Another remarked: "Go Gem! Please keep this narrative going."

A third echoed Gemma's message, commenting: "Hallelujah at last when will girls realise that what they were born with is beautiful you look stunning in all your natural beauty !"

A fourth shared a string of fire emojis, while a fifth offered: "Such an inspiration and absolutely beautiful. Love you Gem."

Gemma made the most of lockdown and lost a reported three stone
The star has started on a strict diet and exercise regime

Gemma had been staging a digital fashion show during the lockdown, fans stunned at how much weight she'd managed to shed.

She even laughed that her usual McDonald's order proved to much for her.

Speaking on her BBC Sounds podcast, she told that she'd headed to her local branch after they had reopened for a takeaway service - but could only manage one Big Mac.

While it's not clear how many she used to order, Gemma took it as a good sign.

She looks incredible after shedding three stone
Gemma's been out and about on her bike

She added: "I think one good thing to come out of lockdown for me is that it's best not to have treats every day.

"Like, once a week is amazing."

Gemma's also been out and about on her bike to get fit, telling: "It's been really interesting because when I first took the bike out I could only do flat surfaces and literally as the weeks have been going on, I'm now in seven gears on one side and three on the other.

"I've still not worked out what they mean."